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Market Analysis - Addiction Congress 2017

Addiction Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery and Rehabilitation business has been on rising in recent years. These businesses became profitable with more than 20% margin. This is because of the rapid developments in the field of addiction psychiatry which has pushed this business up. Addiction psychiatry believes in the use of drugs medications even if the drug is addiction problem.

Addiction word actually represented for only drinking and smoking habits only. But it includes a number of bad habits which are updating with the time. These are drug addiction, food addiction, marijuana and opioids, shopping addiction, the internet, sex and much more. The meaning of Addiction word changed with years, however, the answers for addiction treatment remained same. Even the scientists haven’t got a proper answer which will help addicts to leave the addiction habits and helps to recover their health. There is a lot of research work is going on Addiction treatments and therapy but it is still in trial phase. Recently there was news for the Champix/ Chantix prescription medication which will help to get rid of the smoking habit. It is still not in the market but it created kind of idea about what will be the future addiction treatment options we can choose. Most of the pharmaceutical companies have started to find out medicines for addiction treatment. There is also a lot of research is going on combating addiction disorders of alcohol, cocaine, opioid, methamphetamine, cannabis and tobacco using new neuro-receptors/peptides and antibody therapies. Around 280 million people in the part of America and Europe are at the danger of addiction habit of drugs for non-medical use. Because of these key factors, there is huge scope for pharmaceutical companies, doctors and researchers to find out the medications for this addiction disorders which will stimulate the growth of medications for addiction disorders.

On the other hand, addiction recovery and rehabilitation business started to boom. Rehabilitation centers provide outpatient care which is not provided by the governmental organizations. Rehab centers take personalized care for 24 hours. The duration of these types of rehab center starts from a month to even year. United States of America have around 14000-15000 rehab centers which did the business of $35 billion in a year of 2014. If we consider the future of the rehab industry, there is no sign of decline.  The difference in the facilities is the important factor which creates variation in the rehab services and based on that the addicts have to pay more money. Addiction patients don’t hesitate to spend more money for the addiction treatments. There is the trend started to rise in the undeveloped countries. People started to go for the rehab centers which are located in the European countries. This ultimately increases the business of rehab industry.

Addiction therapy is also based on the recovery and rehabilitation concept which is treating people by keeping them busy in their hobbies or interests. These include music, dance, drawing, cycling and others. These therapy camps or programs have also surged in the recent years. Yoga is also the type of therapy which is popular in the world. Yoga retreat therapy alone does the business of $ 27-30 billion in the USA in a year. People started to go yoga studios to end the addiction habits. These are all modern treatment and therapies gaining attraction in the recent years.

Conventional addiction treatments like medications, hospitalizations can’t be replaced. World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that the mental illness is one of the important and growing reasons for the disability globally. Depression and anxiety are the top cause of mental illness. To combat with this surge in the future mental health facilities will prioritize mental health facilities to treat and prevent mental illness. Addiction of alcohol or different drugs is the key reason for the CNS and brain disorders. These also add disorders like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, personality disorder, epilepsy, psychosis and much more. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the science community to plan and execute the research experiments in the field of addiction diagnosis and treatment.

Alcohol and illegal drug addiction treatments cost European people more than 7.6 billion euros per year. Brain disorders caused by addiction cost 500-700 billion euros for Europe. Europe spends 212.6 billion euros per year for the addiction induced neurological disorders. Anxiety and psychotic disorders cost 76 billion euros to Europe. There is 165 % growth has been seen in the clinical research and development in the area of addiction treatment medicines.

Addiction Congress 2017 conference will provide a massive platform to the speakers to present their research works. Addiction specialists mainly from USA and Europe will present their research. It is beneficial for students who are in the early stage of research careers. It will be helpful for the students to identify market potential in the view of career prospects and research studies. We also encourage clinical staff, medical practitioners, and scholars to get global recognition at Addiction Congress 2017.

Exhibitionists involved in pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and clinical trial companies can reach a wider audience and can spread their products or services at their exhibition booths. Sponsors will also get a chance to be a part of biggest, international conference which is helpful for their businesses and companies.