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Market Analysis - Pharma Biotech Congress 2019

The Global Biopharmaceutical Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 10.1% over the next decade to reach approximately $459.81 billion by 2025.The opportunity in biopharmaceuticals is big and growing too rapidly to ignore. Today biopharmaceuticals generate global revenues of $163 billion, making up about 20%of the Pharma market. It’s by far the fastest-growing part of the industry. Biopharma’s current annual growth rate of more than 8% is double that of conventional Pharma, and growth is expected to continue at that rate for the foreseeable future.

It is estimated at USD 215 million for the year 2017 and is projected to reach USD 269 billion by the year 2021. The estimated CAGR during the forecast period (2017-2021) is 5.76%.

As the Japanese Pharma economy is in a state of transition towards greater openness, potential rewards for early international movers were cited as another key factor in the rapid shifts predicted in 2018.

The pharmaceutical market in Japan is set to rise from around $70 billion in 2016 to $72 billion by 2021, representing a low compound annual growth rate of 0.3%, according to Global Data, a recognized leader in providing business information and analytics.

Japan represents the world’s eighth biggest market for generic drugs in terms of value. Generic drugs, however, have traditionally enjoyed a relatively lower penetration in Japan compared to other developed markets such as the United States and Europe.

The Japanese government has identified growth of the country’s generic drug market as imperative to Japan’s long-term economic health

The penetration of generics has grown robustly over the past few years. The government has also made a target towards achieving a generic penetration of 60% by 2018. This is expected to create huge opportunities for both domestic and foreign generic manufacturers in Japan.

The biggest change for Pharma in Japan was the 2014 revision of the nation’s keystone pharmaceuticals law, renamed the PMD Act—for pharmaceutical and medical devices. Japanese officials proudly say some drug approvals in Japan are now faster than in both Europe and the U.S.—a marked change from the days when Japan was seen as a difficult market for foreign companies.

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Conference series llc LTD proudly announces the commencement of “2ndAnnual Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Congress” which is going to be held during May 06-07, 2019 at TokyoJapan.

Pharma Biotech Congress 2019 focuses upon “Comprehensive Innovations and Researches in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”.  This Pharma Biotech Congress 2019 focuses on the trends which the biopharmaceutical market is heading on since its launch till the present date and moving on to the projections in future. It takes into its fold the critical developmental procedures, analyses, regulatory factors and also pharmacovigilance including post marketing surveillance and clinical studies. Innovation and compliance to regulatory guidelines are the most critical aspects towards biosimilars and follow on biologics development and successful launching to the market.