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Market Analysis - Biodiesel 2017

Biodiesel 2017

Theme: An innovative approach towards the green fuel


The research and analyzes key trends, are major issues for growth opportunities in the global biodiesel market. It shares by production capacity elaborate profiling of major industry participants and information majorly on present and upcoming production facilities to provide insight into the competitive scenario in the global biodiesel industry. This coupled with information on important news and deals provide with a comprehensive understanding of the market.  The Information on the regulatory framework and key policies governing the industry has also been dealt with in detail.

Importance & Scope

Increasing the energy demand, climate change and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from fossil fuels make it’s a high priority to search the low carbon energy resources. Biofuels have been increased explored as a possible alternative source of fuel and represent a key target for the future energy market and that can play an important role in maintaining energy security. It is primarily considered as a potentially cheap, low-carbon energy source. Biodiesel- 2017 is the event designed for the International professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application for research finding the related to Bioenergy as replacement fuels. It is a scientific platform to meet fellow key decision makers all-around the Academic Institutions, Biotech organizations, Environment & Industries Related Institutes etc. and making the congress a perfect platform to share and gain the knowledge in the field of bioenergy and biofuels. Biodiesel - 2017 is a platform to gather vision and through the research talks and presentations are put forward many thought to provoking strategies of production and scale up of renewable Energy and making the congress a perfect platform to share proficiency.

Why Dallas, USA?

Dallas is a major city in the state of Texas and it is the largest urban center in fourth most popular metropolitan area in the United States. The city is proper ranks and ninth in the U.S. and third in Texas after the Houston and San Antonio. The cities are prominence across from its historical importance as a center of the oil and cotton industries. Its position is along with the numerous railroad lines. The bulk of the city is in Dallas County, of which it is the county seat however, sections of the city are located in Collin, Denton, and Kaufman and Rockwall counties. 

Dallas is the main core of the largest metropolitan area in South and the largest inland metropolitan area in United States and that lacks any navigable link to the sea. Dallas and nearby Fort Worth were developed due to the construction of major railroad lines are through the area is allowing access to cotton, cattle and later oil in North and East Texas. The construction of the Interstate Highway System reinforced Dallas is prominence as a transportation hub in four major interstate highways converging in the city, and a fifth interstate loop around it. Dallas developed as a strong industrial and financial center, and a major inland port is due to the convergence of major railroad lines, interstate highways, and the construction of Dallas/Fort worth International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. 


Why to Attend?

Biodiesel 2017 paves a platform to globalize the research by installing a dialogue between industries and academic organizations and knowledge transfer from research to industry. Biodiesel 2017 aims is proclaim knowledge and share the new ideas amongst  professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Biofuels and Biodiesel to share their research experiences and indulge the  interactive discussions and special sessions for the event.

Come be Part of it...!

Target Audience:

  • Researchers, professors, students and technical staff from the field of chemistry
  • Directors/co- directors of research based companies across US and Europe who are investing in biofuels and bioenergy
  • Directors and scientists of oil and refinery companies
  • Chemical and petrochemical engineers

Associations related to Biodiesel:

  • National Biodiesel Board
  • Biofuels Association of Australia
  • Western Canada Biodiesel Association
  • European Biodiesel Board
  • Malaysian Biodiesel Association
  • Biodiesel Association of India
  • Advanced Biofuels Association
  • Russian Biofuels Association
  • European Waste-to-Advanced Biofuels Association
  • Renewable Energy Association
  • Sustainable Energy Association
  • Florida Biofuels & Bioenergy Association
  • California Biodiesel Alliance
  • Iowa Renewable Fuels Association


Global market study of Biodiesel:

Global Biodiesel Market is expected to produce 45,291 million liters by 2020. Production increased from 959 million liters in 2001 to 15,760 million liters in 2009, at a CAGR of 41.9%. Supported by governments to increase the energy independence and meet the rising energy demand, the biodiesel market is expected to produce 45,291 million liters of biodiesel in 2020 with CAGR of 10.1% during 2009 to 2020.

Europe was the leading the  biodiesel market in 2009 with a production  share of 49.8%, followed by the Americas with a production share of 32.8% and the Asia Pacific with share of 4.4%. The European was share in biodiesel production has been declining since 2001, while the share of the Americas and the Asia Pacific increased. The top five biodiesel producers in the world are the Germany, US, France, Argentina and Brazil. All of these countries are together to produce 68.4% of the world’s total biodiesel. Australia is the largest producer of biodiesel in the Asia Pacific, followed by China and India.

Global players of biodiesel:

  • Jatrodiesel, Inc.
  • Pearle Boyz Corp
  • East Coast Biofuels
  • Green Fuel Partners              
  • KC Biodiesel Group
  • Elgen Bio Fuels LLC
  • Pure Energy Corporation
  • Biodiesel of South Florida
  • Texas Built Biofuels, LLC
  • United Hydrocarbon Services, LLC