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Market Analysis - Chinese Medicine 2017

Chinese Medicine 2017

Market Analysis:

This is an exclusive study for Traditional Chinese medicine market (TCM market) and Chinese herbs market and associated products, developments and TCM companies.  The Study is describing all segments of TCM and states the market and, the developments from 2013 and the following years and the prognosis to 2015, 2020 and 2025.

Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) market is rapidly developing since later of 1990s. In 2010, the output value of TCM amounted to RMB317.2 billion (about €36.8 billion), which increased 24%. The net yield and profits of TCM production is much higher than the average for the country's medical industry. The total TCM market in China will rise to €96, 2 billion in 2025. 

China is the country which is rich in medicinal resources with more than 6,500 Chinese herbs determined. In china there are over 600 herb bases to produce the Chinese medicinal raw materials. Customs figures show China exports 240,000 tons of medicines annually, of which 200,000 tons are raw herbs. The exported raw herbs accounted for 20 percent of the country's annual harvest.

In China alone the TCM market is 120 Billion $ US in all TCM segments and 35 % percent of the whole medicine/pharma market. This study shows over 3000 formulas that address contemporary health issues, state, markets, developments, by formula and country produced and offered. Biomedical science is the basic for modern TCM formulas today. China has set up a databases for 1200 diseases, 12 000 plants and 9.500 compounds in a TCM high tech zone in shanghai. Since 2003 experts develop standards for a global acceptance of TCM. Global interest is increasing and the market growth rate is over 12 percent per year reaching 42 billion euro in 2003.

The market is expected to reach 79.5 billion euro in 2010. Lifestyle practices, health and aging and there interaction is seen as a holistic system with the brain functions to influence and direct the treatment in general. Life should be between Yin and Yang to protect human beings and preserve health. 

Today's Market Study of Chinese Medicine in USA | Europe | Middle East | Asia Pacific 

USA: TCM is generally utilized as a part of the United States. The utilization of different integral and option medications treatments was assessed as 3.1 million U.S. grown-ups had utilized needle therapy as a part of the earlier year.

Europe: China's TCM fares to the EU market were esteemed at US$ 250 million (GBP 152 million), representing 13 for each penny of the country's aggregate TCM sends out.

Middle East: Middle East, 75-90 % of the populace as of now utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for essential social insurance and nearly 80 million individuals are accepted to use conventional, integral or home grown drug in the European Union (EU).

Asia-Pasific: In 2010, the net return and benefits of TCM creation is much higher than the normal for the nation's medicinal industry. The aggregate TCM advertise in China will ascend to €96,2 billion in 2025.

Societies of Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Ayurveda around the Globe

German Society for Natural Healing 

Spanish Society of Homeopathic Medicine 

American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

American Association of Homeopathi Pharmacists

British Osteopathic Association


The World Federation of Acupunture- Moxibusttion Societies

Integrated Association of Naturopaths of Hong Kong

Norwegian homeopathy association

Swedish homeopathy association



European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association National Association

Australian Traditional Medicine Association ATMS

TCM in Germany:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is currently blasting in Germany with the quantity of patients expanding definitely in the center in Essen, West Germany, halfway because of the positioning of Chinese doctors. Since established pharmaceutical has impediments in numerous ceaseless and troublesome ailments and could produce grave reactions, more German patients have come to pick Chinese medication centers as of late. A progression of treatments by conventional Chinese drug, for example, needle therapy, Tuina and home grown pharmaceutical, are facilitating sufferings of a huge number of Germans. Measurements of German TCM establishments demonstrate that Germany has 50, 000 specialists who treat patients with Chinese prescription, representing one-6th of the aggregate in the nation, and more than 2 million patients see Chinese pharmaceutical specialists consistently.

The constantly expanding interest for Chinese drug in Germany is pushing German schools and colleges to accomplish more in TCM examine. The outstanding Charity Hospital in Berlin, joined to the Medical School of Berlin Humbolt University, will organise a TCM residency in the coming winter semester. The educator, getting a charge out of five-year residency, will show Chinese drug and lead TCM scrutinize work in the healing facility too

As patients demand more recognition of TCM, German authorities and sick-funds are gradually paying more attention to Chinese medicine. The German government is carrying out a pilot project of medical insurance for some TCM indications such as migraine, which will cost medical insurance institutions 300 million euros (US$300 million) a year.