Clin Nutrition Market Analysis and Reports | Singapore Conference Series

Market Analysis - Clin Nutrition 2020

Growing rates of chronic diseases in developed as well as developing countries is expected to drive the global clinical nutrition market. The clinical nutrition market is estimated to reach a market value of US$ 55,014.4 million in 2019 and it is expected to reach US$ 98,520.0 million by 2027, growing at an estimated CAGR of 7.6% over the forecast period.

Market Analysis of Clinical Nutrition

The need to provide continuous care to elderly population generates demand for various clinical nutrition products. Geriatric population having eating and digestive disorders is a major consumer base of clinical nutrition products worldwide. With rapid expansion of elderly population pool, the demand for enteral and parenteral nutrition will only increase in the coming years. Countries such as U.S., Japan and other industrialized nations are having a large number of baby boomers; in fact, it is estimated that elderly population in U.S. will be more than children population in the near future.

Increasing incidences of respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic ailments will result in more and more adoption of nutritional products, which will thus propel market growth. Industry expansion is also attributed to rising average household income in countries such as India and China. The infant nutrition market is majorly driven by increasing births, pre-mature and pre-term births. The need to provide external nutrition to premature babies attributes to a rising demand for infant clinical nutrition products. Moreover, infant nutrition such as baby milk formula is gaining rapid popularity in emerging economies. With changes in mother's lifestyle in developing countries, the demand for milk formulas and other infant nutrition products is driving the infant nutrition industry growth.

The increasing demand for oral clinical nutrition supplement and a growing number of manufacturers all over the world are the reasons for increasing the competitive level in the market. To save the position in oral clinical nutrition supplement market manufacturers are producing unique & innovative products in the market with attractive offerings. The wide variety of yummy and tasty flavors of oral clinical nutrition supplement is drawing the attention of the consumers.