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Market Analysis - Clinical Pediatrics Congress 2019

Scope and Importance

The Clinical Pediatrics Congress will provide plenty of opportunities to learn the progressed by international scientists and academicians. This conference will offer premium quality content to suit the diverse professional development of the current medicines used in treating infants and children all over the globe. Also, it will be a unique and perfect platform to discuss the latest discoveries and research developments in the Pediatrics field. This conference also includes skilled and experienced paediatricians, surgeons, doctors, neonatologists, perinatologists, pediatric nurses along with many other sub-speciality specialists. With this Annual Pediatrics Meeting, we will expect the experts altogether from various localities of the world. So that new idea or new research will come with a discussion at the conference which will be fruitful in treating pediatric diseases.

Why it's in Amsterdam, The Netherlands?

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations situated to the northern side of the European region. It is crowned the capital of Kingdom of the Netherlands which also bears a great history as the centre of the world economy. Amsterdam is the oldest stock exchange in the world which is located in the centre of the city, also well known for its ancient architecture. It is with a population of nearly 832,563 within the city proper, 1,328,085 in the urban area and 1,601,653 in the metropolitan area. The total city region is having an approximate population of 2,431,000.

Amsterdam is having two universities, The University of Amsterdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam), and The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).  The main attractions of the Amsterdam include historic canals, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Scheepvaart Museum, the Amsterdam Museum, Heineken Experience, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Natura Artis Magistra, Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, and red-light district and more.

An approximate, 28000 children are born each and every year with different types of surgical diseases or abnormal baby and 2.3 billion children under the age of 10 will develops various types of surgical disease such as heart, lungs, liver, thyroid, bone related, neurological, gastrointestinal-related diseases, and also some of the infections that can permanently damage the child’s health. The Pediatrics market general calculations undergo coordination with the infant mortality rate, death rate and the rate of diseases occurred along with the vaccine production and consumption for the child cure. From the total European population, 13% of the Pediatrics suffers from clinical diseases.

Currently, Netherlands population is 17,084,459 which shares 0.22% from the world population with the fertility rate 1.74. The estimated growth rate till 2020 is 0.76%. Amongst the capital of Netherlands holds with a population of more than 7 million. In the year 2017 Amsterdam has an estimated population of nearly 815,925 within the city limits. In that 0-14 years: 16.9% (male 1,460,234/female 1,393,766).15-24 years: 12.2% (male 1,046,323/female 1,006,114) Health expenditures12% of GDP (2011). The mortality rate of Netherlands is 25.9/100,000 in the year 2016, among this 56% of children died under the age of 1year due to the diseases occurred during the perinatal period and congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities. Therefore the research on paediatrics is got critical importance to stop the future deaths of new-born, infant and adolescents.

The World Congress on Clinical Pediatrics for the year of 2019 is coming with full-fledged research and latest innovations in Pediatrics healthcare. This conference will be an immense platform which is going to provide an overwhelmed rostrum where a pediatric researcher feel gratified to be a part of this Clinical Pediatrics Conference which is going to be held during May 09-10, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Clinical Pediatrics Congress deeply perceived, in many instances, children are becoming the host for the new and unpredicted diseases which are propelling with day by day variations as the newborn, child, adolescents are with undeveloped immunity in compared to an adult. As a confrontation to these new developing diseases the latest researches and new techniques are able to overcome the childhood diseases and marking up tomorrow’s child health with a livelihood and complete awareness.  The conference will speak on a theme -Current Evolution of Latest Theories and Therapies to Save a Child.