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Diamond and Carbon Materials

(Theme: Exploring new trends in Diamond and Carbon Materials)


Diamond and Carbon Materials is an international, interdisciplinary journal which publishes articles covering both basic and applied research on diamond materials and related materials. These include cubic boron nitride and materials with characteristics and properties approaching or possibly exceeding those of diamond. The primary emphasis is on vapour-deposited materials; equally important are high-temperature/high-pressure synthetic materials, as well as relevant natural diamond research and characterization. Papers published cover all fundamental and technological aspects of synthesis, characterization, properties, devices and generic applications of these materials.

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Importance & Scope:

Carbon materials (nanodiamond, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and graphene) are one of the most fascinating platforms in the fields of nanomedicine. In their biomedical applications, surface chemical functionalization of carbon materials plays an important role.

Diamond materials and related substances already hold an important position concerning surface coatings and electronic devices. In this case, the development producing ever smaller and more efficient components will continue. Diamond might once completely replace silicon for being more stable and biocompatible than the latter, and it may be possible to establish electronic devices even at the phase boundary to living systems. A nanostructuring of diamond surfaces as well as the directed doping or chemical functionalization will multiply the potential utilization of diamond in both everyday applications and the high-tech segment.

Most of the industrial carbon and graphite materials are synthesized form carbonaceous precursors. But also natural graphite is an important raw material. The majority of natural graphite is still consumed for refractory applications. However its use as anode material in lithium-ion batteries is fundamental for electro-mobility.

Many physical properties of graphite are not yet sufficiently used. Better use and new, huge fields of application can be generated with Nano forms of the element carbon. This comprises fullerenes, single- and multiwall nanotubes, Graphene and other Nano forms. Most promising fields of application are in electronics, sensor technology, medical and also mechanical applications.

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Diamond and Carbon Materials 2017 International Conference is a premier forum to showcase the latest results in the science and technology of carbon materials, with an emphasis on diamond as well fundamental physical and chemical concepts to applied research focusing on the next generation carbon-based devices.

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·         World Coal Association

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·         Taiwan Semiconductor industry Association

·         Singapore Semiconductor Industry

·         The Graphene Council

·         International Association of Advanced materials

·         India Electronics and semiconductor Association

·         Ensilica’s Industry Associations

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Diamond and Carbon 2018

The carbon nanotubes showcase is required to develop from an expected USD 3.43 Billion out of 2016 to USD 8.70 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 17.09% amid the conjecture time frame. In this examination, 2016 has been considered as the base year to gauge the measure of the carbon nanotubes advertise. The carbon bootleg market estimate is anticipated to achieve USD 13.79 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 4.6% in the vicinity of 2016 and 2021. Carbon dark items discover use in a few end-utilize businesses, for example, tire, elastic, plastic, inks and coatings, development, metallurgy, pitch shading, and paint. Rising utilization of carbon dark in the tire and non-tire elastic application fragments have prompted an expanded interest for carbon dark, globally.The stretchable conductive material market was esteemed at USD 0.1 Million of every 2015 and is required to achieve USD 6.5 Million by 2022, developing at a CAGR of 79.10% amid the gauge time frame. The expanding utilization of stretchable conductors in buyer gadgets and progressions in outline methodologies, get together systems, and materials and the higher operational speed through the scaling down of electronic items are the significant drivers for the stretchable conductive material market.The worldwide car NVH materials advertise is anticipated to achieve USD 13.52 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2016 to 2021. The developing need to diminish clamor and vibration from vehicles, government directions to make calmer and more secure vehicles, and development of the car business are scratch factors driving the worldwide car NVH materials showcase. Different systems, for example, extensions, new item advancements, organizations and assentions, and mergers and acquisitions, have been embraced by various organizations to accomplish development in the car NVH materials advertise.