Ecology Market Analysis and Reports | Germany Conference Series

Market Analysis - Ecology 2018


Extravagant uses of the available resources has ignited a critical point where the equilibrium of the ecosystem has been disturbed, divided into many sub-disciplines the study of the interaction of living being with their environment differs from other natural science as it is a diffuse science with a generalized mechanism that governs its pattern in space and time and is approached through multidisciplinary disciplines like physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and statistics, microbiology, zoology and botany. Communities, population and organisms are not the only subjects that ecologist were concerned about, but also studies the influenced caused by the human or manmade to the environments (agriculture, plantation, industrialization and so on), that result in consequences like pollution and climate change. The change in the ecological system of the earth is high on political agenda and ecologists will play a dominant role in sustaining the future earth.

An estimate of $469 million has been expended by the National Science Foundation to complete its National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON).

British Ecological Society support scientific ecological research where an ecologist can get a funding up to $25000 for his focused work on ecological science and in an average the British Ecological Society funds around £300,000 to the global ecological community in grants per year.