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Market Analysis - ENT 2018

Market Analysis

3rd European Otolaryngology-ENT Surgery Conference

Theme: Current Research and Therapeutic Techniques in ENT

The ENT diseases can affect some of our most important senses, including hearing, smell and taste. The ears, nose and throat are critical parts of your body that are utilized every day. Brokenness to the ears, nose or throat can significantly influence your personal satisfaction and now and again may constitute a restorative crisis. On the off chance that you have constant ear, nose, or throat issues, it is fitting to see an essential care doctor, as well as incorporate an otolaryngologist in the administration of your issue. As ears, nose and throat are the important criteria for the mutual communication and understanding purpose, this conference will offers the knowledge of innovative speeches about disorders of ENT and latest advancements occurred in clinical, medical and surgical fields of otolaryngology department that took place in the recent era.

 ENT 2018 highlights the theme "Current Research and Therapeutic Techniques in ENT”. The gathering is composed in an approach to give a selective stage to new analysts, researchers, doctors, ENT specialists, teachers, speakers and understudies to display and talk about the latest developments, receptions, patterns, and concerns, the way they rearranged their inquiries to find the solution. The two days of instructive program which incorporates keynote presentations, session speakers, and moderators on the late imaginative strategies and in addition productions in the regions of Rhinology, Otology, Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastics, Rest - in grown-ups, geriatrics and pediatrics and Oral Wellbeing.

Importance and scope:

As per the Focuses of Infection Control and Counteractive action (CDC) around 12.1% of the grown-up populace or 28.5 Million individuals are experiencing constant sinusitis, making it more overall than diabetes and asthma. This high pervasiveness of perpetual sinusitis is driving the interest for ENT medications, for example, endoscopic sinus surgeries, utilitarian endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and inflatable sinus enlargement. In this manner, developing predominance of sinusitis is relied upon to move the development of ENT gadgets showcase.

Otorhinolaryngology has an exceptionally rich history, with critical partners and identities ever. The claim to fame was one of the first to utilize neighbourhood anaesthesia for methodology, pioneer in medications with gadgets that recovered hearing and the utilization of magnifying lens in surgeries. Couple of medicinal strengths had endured the same number of changes and logical advancements in these last decades as Otorhinolaryngology had, with the upside of consolidating innovations, for example, endoscopy, radiology, small scale surgery and data innovation.

Market Research: Real European ocales are anticipated to face maturing populace emergency in coming years prompting to expanded ENT and lung ailments that will drive the market development. 

The market for ENT is anticipated to become affected by expanding rates of ENT and lung sicknesses overall, for example, ceaseless obstructive pneumonic infections (COPD), sinusitis and otitis media, expanding propensity for smoking and mechanical progressions prompting to less obtrusive systems, for example, radio recurrence and fuelled instruments. WHO (World Wellbeing Association) reports that COPD is the fourth driving reason for death worldwide and is relied upon to hold third position by 2020 and it was accounted for that 64 million individuals were experiencing COPD worldwide in the year 2004.

In addition, each product segment has different set of vendors. Prominent players in the ENT devices market include Medtronic plc (Ireland), Olympus Corporation (Japan), KARLSTORZ GmbH & Co (Germany), Stryker Corporation (U.S.), Smith & Nephew plc (U.K.), Acclarent, Inc. (U.S.), Hoya Corporation (Japan), Sonova Holdings AG (Switzerland), William Demant Holdings A/S (Denmark), and Cochlear Limited (Australia).

Major European regions are predicted to face aging population crisis in coming years leading to increased ENT and lung diseases that will drive the market growth. 

Variables, for example, high pervasiveness of endless sinusitis, rising geriatric populace, good repayment situation for ENT techniques in created nations, rising selection of insignificantly obtrusive ENT strategies, expanding nearness of conspicuous players in the ENT gadgets advertise, and innovative progressions are relied upon to drive the ENT gadgets showcase development.

Be that as it may, the European market is relied upon to develop at the most elevated CAGR, predominantly because of the developing inclination for insignificantly intrusive ENT surgeries, ascend in dispensable wages in creating nations, quickly developing elderly populace, increment in centre of market players around Asia, and less stringent administrative rules.

Elements, for example, high predominance of ceaseless sinusitis, rising geriatric populace, positive repayment situation for ENT techniques in created nations, rising selection of negligibly obtrusive ENT methods, expanding nearness of noticeable players in the ENT gadgets showcase, and mechanical headways are relied upon to drive the ENT gadgets advertise development.

The ENT gadget market is further portioned into fuelled ENT instruments showcase, ENT hand instruments market, ENT endoscope device market and ENT radio recurrence and ultrasonic device advertise.

Why in London?

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The population of London is 8.674 million. The imposing Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, site of British monarch coronations at its centre stand. Across the Thames River, the London Eye observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank cultural and the entire city.

This city has the greatest concentration of top class universities in the world and its international student population of around 110,000 is larger than any other city in the world. London is home to five major medical schools – Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, King’s College London School of Medicine (the largest medical school in Europe), Imperial College School of Medicine, UCL Medical School and St George’s, University of London – and has a large number of affiliated teaching hospitals. It is also a major centre for biomedical research, and three of the UK’s eight academic health science centres are based in the city – Imperial College Healthcare, King’s Health Partners and UCL Partners (the largest such centre in Europe).

The presence of universities, hospitals, labs and other professional services, together with key installations of the U.K. make it favourite destination for scientific meetings.

Tourist attraction:

 The little wonder London is one of the world's top tourist destinations, attracting upward of 15 million visitors each and every year. Britain's capital city is a vibrant arts and entertainment center and 50 years after the Beatles, the country's music still rocks. London also one of the planet's greatest concentrations of cultural attractions. From royal palaces to the people's parliament, from Roman ruins to castles and cathedrals, you could spend endless days exploring London's sites without ever running out of unique things to see and do. Some of the top attractions are:

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Victoria and Albert Museum


ENT Devices Outlook:

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) devices market comprises of a wide array of medical devices such as ENT powered instruments and radiofrequency devices, ENT hand instruments, endoscopes, airway stents.

Worldwide ENT Devices Item Standpoint (Income, USD Million 2012 - 2022)

Diagnostic Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Devices

Rigid Endoscopes



Otological Endoscopes

Flexible Endoscopes

Robot Assisted Endoscope

Hearing Screening Device

Surgical Ear, Nose, And Throat (ENT) Devices

Radiofrequency Hand pieces

Powered Surgical Instrument

Otological Drill Burrs

ENT Hand Instruments

Tympanostomy Tubes

Sinus Dilation Devices

Nasal Packing Devices

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) aids

In-The-Ear aids

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE)

Canal hearing aids ITC, CIC and IIC

Auditory Brainstem Implants

Cochlear Implants

Middle Ear Implants

Bone Anchored Hearing System

Internal Nasal Splints

External Nasal Splints 

Hearing Aids Ear, Nose, And Throat (ENT) Devices

Hearing Implants Ear, Nose, And Throat (ENT) Devices

Nasal Splints Ear, Nose, And Throat (ENT) Devices


These devices are utilized as a part of various surgical methodology and treatment connected with ENT, for example, inner biopsy, tonsillectomy, stapedectomy, and myringotomy . These surgical methodology are utilized as a part of the treatment of an assortment of infections, for example, intense otitis media, Eustachian tube brokenness, conductive listening to misfortune. ENT controlled instruments are utilized as a part of an assortment of ENT surgeries and encourage better exactness, surgical get to, wellbeing and speed. An endoscope is a gadget used to look at the inside surfaces of an organ inside the body. An endoscope incorporates a light and a camcorder empowering specialists to see pictures and recording on the screen. In ENT endoscopes are utilized to investigate nasal and sinus cavities and vocal strings and other throat tissue.

ENT devices by item, 2012 - 2022 (USD Million)

Why to Attend:

The ENT and Otolaryngology infections can impact some of our most basic resources like hearing, smell and taste. As hearing and talk are basic parts of human progression and this meeting may offers an expansive otolaryngology consider and the late change and research around there. It moreover fuses talks with respect to the standard issues concerning development illness, confusion in the midst of voyaging and vertigo which will enable such people to discard such typical yet bothering issues rather viably.

Industry Trends

(Ear, Nose, Throat) ENT Devices Market size was USD 16.7 billion in 2015, with 5% CAGR growth anticipated by the industry throughout 2016 to 2023.

U.S. ENT Devices Market Size, By Product, 2012 - 2023 (USD Million)

Growing prevalence of ear, nose, and throat related disorders, coupled with rising geriatric population ratio will be driving global (ear, nose, and throat) ENT devices market trends throughout the forecast period.

The prevalence of hearing loss has been rising over the years owing to increasing noise pollution levels, along with aging population. Age acts as a major risk factor for acquiring hearing loss defect. As reported by WHO, close to 15% of the global adult population (15 to 64 years) and 33% of geriatric population (above the age of 65 years); suffer from some kind of hearing loss. Large prevalence rates are observed in emerging regions. In 2012, approximately 89.0% of the total prevalence belonged to emerging and underdeveloped markets where medical needs are unmet.

The disease burden costs for larynx and oropharyngeal cancer is increasing globally, especially in the developing economies. According to the estimates, by National Cancer Institute around 88,852 cases of larynx cancer were noted in 2012.  According to survey conducted by American Cancer Society, around 15,520 new pharynx cases are estimated to occur in 2015 with 3,140 cases in women and 12,380 cases in men. Such rising prevalence of cancer, and commonly occurring throat disorders should boost the demand for various diagnostic and surgical devices.

Growing population under geriatric segment will positively stimulate the ENT devices market size. According to the WHO statistics, geriatric population (65 years and above) is set to grow to over 16% by 2050. Since aging is considered as a critical factor inducing deafness and other hearing loss disorders, this phenomenon will drive industry demand in the coming seven years.

In addition, increasing age leads to a considerable decrease in immunity levels making the geriatric population prone to ear, nose, and throat infections such as inflammation of inner mucosal lining. Co morbid medications for cardiovascular and chronic diseases in older people are also expected to increase the risk for nasal disorders. Nasal reconstruction surgery is also gaining importance in developing countries to inhibit the effects of aging on the respiratory system.

The advent of new technology in terms of ease of use for patient, and availability of miniature size devices is set to increase the demand. Major players are offering hearing aids that can be embedded deep in the ear, such that they are visually hidden, increasing the cosmetic appeal for patients.  Medtronic Inc. has developed new range of powered surgical devices, otological drills and burrs, and manual ENT instruments, which are technologically more advanced, time-saving, and accurate in nature. Increasing use of advanced laser and radiofrequency technology during surgical and diagnostic procedures is expected to drive ENT devices market size.

(Ear, Nose, Throat) ENT Devices Market, By Product

Diagnostic ear, nose, and throat devices seized the largest global ENT devices market share, with sales exceeding USD 5.2 billion by 2023. The largest share can be attributed to the rising prevalence of hearing loss, and throat disorders, coupled with increasing aging population using diagnostic devices.

The ear, nose, and throat diagnostics market was predominantly driven robot assisted endoscope, followed by flexible endoscopes. The technology driven robot assisted endoscope market is set to reach USD 2 billion by 2023.

Radiofrequency hand piece devices were pegged at USD 895.7 million in 2015 dominated the global surgical ear, nose, and throat devices market, while the hearing implants market was driven by cochlear implants in 2015.

Hearing implants market is expected to grow at a relatively higher CAGR of 7.2%. This high growth can be attributed to growing aging population, and increasing occupational hearing losses. Frequent introduction of novel implants is the also one of the pivotal factors expected to aid the growth.

(Ear, Nose, Throat) ENT Devices Market, By Region

North America took up the largest regional ENT devices market size, valued at USD 6.2 billion in 2015, growing prevalence of hearing impairment in North America is one of the most significant driving factors. In addition, there is a growing prevalence of deafness in geriatric population. About 20% of the geriatric population over age 60 suffers from hearing damage and the number increases to 40% over 75 years of age.  

Hearing loss is one of the most common congenital disorders in the U.S. As per the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), around 36 million (17%) American adults suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

Increase in government initiatives has led to growth in demand for hearing aids devices across Asia Pacific, which is slated to register a 6.5% CAGR through to 2023. Moreover, increasing prevalence of deafness, especially in geriatric population coupled with entry of global players in the market by expanding their distribution network is expected to drive growth.

UK, France and Germany ENT devices market share dominates the European industry, with more than 58% sales in 2015. LATAM, driven by Brazil and MEA are relatively nascent industries which should see steady growth over the next 6 years.

Competitive Market Share

Global ENT devices market share is competitive, garnered by the presence of major players for each product segment. The market players focus on extensive research and development aimed at developing technologically advanced products. The players compete on the basis of limited product differentiation options, and pricing.

The major players in the market include Olympus Medical System, Smith and Nephew, Medtronics, Inc., William Demant, Siemens Healthcare, Cochlear Inc, Atos Medical, and Invotec Medical Inc. among others.

               (Ear, Nose, Throat) ENT Devices Industry Background)

Global ENT surgical devices market is highly influenced by overall medical devices industry. The industry is majorly driven by innovation, and new technologies. The development of state-of –art medical devices has revolutionalized the overall healthcare industry. Moreover, growth is catalyzed by demand generated due to disorders associated with the aging global population.

The industry is strongly governed by regulatory and reimbursement policies, which have major impact on growth. The manufacturers are required to display a high level of cost-effectiveness for their products due to stringent reimbursement and regulatory policies.

For the purpose of this study, the global ENT devices market is categorized into:

North America


Asia Pacific

Latin America (LATAM)

Middle East and Africa (MEA)

 ENT Devices Market

In the base year 2016, North America dominated the global ENT devices market in terms of revenue and it is anticipated to further grow during forecast period 2017-2025. Factors such as rising geriatric population, higher healthcare awareness, upsurge in funding by government agencies and private organizations in healthcare system, continues technological advancement to the development of novel ENT devices are driving the market growth in North America. According to National Institute of Health (NIH), 2-3 out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, about 12.1% of the adult population are suffering from chronic sinusitis; this high prevalence of chronic sinusitis is driving the demand for ENT treatments.  On the other hand, it is anticipated that Asia Pacific will experience a significant market growth during the forecast period due increasing number of target population, expansion of distribution network of key market players in developing countries such as China and India, continuous economic development and developing healthcare infrastructure.

ENT-2018 highlights the theme “Current Research and Therapeutic Techniques in ENT”. ENT-2018 is an event designed in a way to provide an exclusive platform for new researchers, scholars, physicians, ENT surgeons, students and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the concerned field.