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Market Analysis - ENT 2017


Theme: Transdisciplinary Advance Research and Clinical Aspects in Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders.


ENT is a combined study of  Ear, Nose and Throat. The Otolaryngology diseases can affect some of our most important senses, including hearing, smell and taste. As hearing and speech are important aspects of human development and this conference may offers a comprehensive otolaryngology study and the recent development and research in this area. “Cochlear Implants” & “Endoscopic sinus surgery” are the biggest recent development enabling deaf to gain sense of hearing and the surgery for sino-nasal problems.

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Importance & Scope:

ENT 2017 highlights the theme “Transdisciplinary Advance Research and Clinical Aspects in Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders”. ENT-2017 is an event designed in a way to provide an exclusive platform for new researchers, scholars, physicians, ENT surgeons, students and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the concerned field. The three days of educational program will include keynote presentations, session speakers, and poster presenters on the latest in innovative techniques as well as papers in the areas of Rhinology, Otology, Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastics, Sleep - in adults & paediatrics and Oral Health.

The global ENT devices market is expected to reach USD 14,001 Million by 2020 from USD 9,595 Million in 2015, at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. Growth in ENT Devices market is mainly driven by the high prevalence of chronic sinusitis, rising geriatric population, favorable reimbursement scenario for ENT procedures in developed countries, rising adoption of minimally invasive ENT procedures, increasing presence of prominent players in the ENT devices market, and technological advancements. In addition the growing adoption of surgical instruments and techniques that are minimally invasive and more accurate than the conventional methods is a key market trend that will drive the ENT devices market during the forecast period. However, changes in the reimbursement policy for Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis (TEP) devices in the U.S., high cost of CO2 lasers, and high cost and lack of reimbursement for hearing aids are factors that are likely to restrict the growth of ENT Devices market.

Market Research:

ENT devices are distinct equipment used for diagnosis, therapy, or surgery of any disorders related to the ear, nose, or throat, thereby helping to correct any problems related to hearing, smelling, snoring, or speaking, There are a wide range of ENT devices available in the market including endoscopes, hearing screening devices, powered surgical instruments, hearing aids, hearing implants, handheld surgical instruments, balloon sinus dilation devices, CO2 lasers, image-guided surgery systems, ear tubes, nasal and otological (ear) packing material, and voice prosthesis devices.

Chronic sinusitis is one of the top 10 medical conditions and contributes around USD 8.6 Billion of direct healthcare cost in the U.S. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the U.S., about 12.1% of the adult population or 28.5 Million people are suffering from chronic sinusitis, making it more prevailing than diabetes and asthma. This high prevalence of chronic sinusitis is driving the demand for ENT treatments such as endoscopic sinus surgeries, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and balloon sinus dilation. Thus, growing prevalence of sinusitis is expected to propel the growth of ENT devices market.

ENT Devices Market report is a comprehensive study of current market trends in the market, industry growth drivers, and restraints. These markets are analyzed at regional level to provide exhaustive market analysis for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and forecast to 2020. Each market is comprehensively analyzed at a granular level by geography (North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of the World) to provide in depth on the global scenario.

Why Rome?

Rome is a nationwide and major international centre for higher education, containing numerous academies, colleges and universities. It boasts a large variety of academies and colleges, and has always been a major worldwide intellectual and educational centre, especially during Ancient Rome and the Renaissance, along with Florence. According to the City Brands Index, Rome is considered the world's second most historically, educationally and culturally interesting and beautiful city

Rome has a large number of universities and colleges. Its first university, La Sapienza (founded in 1303), is one of the largest in the world, with more than 140,000 students attending; in 2005 it ranked as Europe's 33rd best university[106] and in 2013 the Sapienza University of Rome ranked as the 62nd in the world and the top in Italy in its World University Rankings.[107] and currently ranks among Europe's 50 and the world's 150 best colleges.[108] In order to decrease the overcrowding of La Sapienza, two new public universities were founded during the last decades: Tor Vergata in 1982, and Roma Tre in 1992. Rome hosts also the LUISS School of Government, Italy's most important graduate university in the areas of international affairs and European studies. Rome ISIA was founded in 1973 by Giulio Carlo Argan and is Italy's oldest institution in the field of industrial design.

List of Hospitals Research Center:

There are about 8600 hospitals research centre for ENT (Otolaryngology) in top 50 countries

Rome, Italy                                                                        
Rome American Hospital                                                   
Rome American Hospital
European Hospital                                                                    
Santo Spirito hospital                                                               
Concordia Hospital                                                         
Hospital S. Eugenio
Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo-Forlanini                                                           

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Fremantle Hospital
Boston Children Hospitals
Royal National Throat, Nose and GMC
Tokyo Hospitals
Duke Hearing Research CentreCanadian Specialist
IFOS World

 Figure 1: List of Hospital and Research Centre (Worldwide and Italy) Rome.

Major Otolaryngology Associations and Society

Associazone Otorinolaringologi Ospedalieri Italiani                                                                  
Italian Academy of Rhinology                                                     
Società Italiana di Audiologia                                                                             
National Deaf Children’s Society                                                                                          Otolaryngological Research Society                                          
European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology        

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Ecuadorian Society of ORL-HNS
Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Association Otolaryngologists of India
British Association of Otolaryngology
American Sleep Apnea Association

Figure 2: List of Association (Worldwide and Italy) 

Companies Associated with Otolaryngology:

The ENT Devices market is a highly competitive market with several big as well as emerging players striving to secure a larger market share. In addition, each product segment has different set of vendors. Prominent players in the ENT devices market include,

Medtronic plc (Ireland) Olympus Corporation (Japan)
KARLSTORZ GmbH & Co (Germany)
Stryker Corporation (U.S.)
Smith & Nephew plc (U.K.)
Acclarent, Inc. (U.S.)
Hoya Corporation (Japan)
Sonova Holdings AG (Switzerland)
William Demant Holdings A/S (Denmark)
Cochlear Limited (Australia).

Top Universities in Italy:

Italy is now fast becoming the regional capital for healthcare as well. The reason behind is the number of medical colleges in the country.


Rome, Italy.                                                                  
Bologna University                                               
Politecnico di Milano                                  
University of Rome La Sapienza                                                   
University of Padua                                              
University of Pisa                                           
University of Milan                                 
University of Turin                                                
Politecnico di Torino

University of Texas
Imperial College London
University of British Columbia
University of Melbourne
University of Tokyo
University of Hong Kong
University of Amsterdam
McMaster University

Figure 3: University associated with Otolaryngology (Worldwide and Italy)

Glance at Market and Funding for ENT (Otolaryngology) Research:

Figure 4: NIH Funding (Dollars in millions and rounded)

 Target Audience:

· ENT Specialists
· Audiologists
· Otologists      d
· Neurotologists
· Speech Pathologists
· Internal Medicine Physicians
· Nurses
· Students
· ENT Surgeons/Specialists/Consultants
· Otolaryngologists
· Otorhinolaryngologists
· Rhinoplasty Surgeons
· Endoscopic Surgeons
· Audiological Physicians
· Phoniatricians

Industry-     20%
Academia-  60%
Others-        20%

Figure 5: Target Audience

Projections: Growth by next 5-10 years: 

ENT Devices Market Forecast to Increase at a CAGR of 7% during 2010-2017. The global ENT (ear, nose and throat) devices market is forecast to exceed $13 billion by 2017, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% during 2010-2017. The ENT devices market is expected to be primarily driven by the increased adoption of technologically advanced equipment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), January, 2011, about 300 million people worldwide currently suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss, and this number is expected to increase to 700 million by 2015. The percentage of the global population above the age of 60 is expected to rise to 17% by 2030, and as the risk of ENT disorders increases with age, demand for ENT devices is also expected to increase.


ENT-2017 highlights the theme “Transdisciplinary Advance research and Clinical Aspects in Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders”. ENT-2017 is an event designed in a way to provide an exclusive platform for new researchers, scholars, physicians, ENT surgeons, students and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the concerned field.