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Market Analysis - Euro Diabetes 2017

Today’s Market Study of Diabetes in USA | Europe | Middle East | Asia Pacific

Europe: The number of people living with diabetes in Europe is expected to increase from 52 million in 2014 to 68.9 million by 2035, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Across Europe, around 1 in 11 adults is affected and this number is set to rise as the population ages.

USA: Diabetes Mellitus has been growing at an exponential rate and World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the diabetic population is likely to reach 366 million in 2030. The United States is expected to have an increase of 102 per cent in the diabetic epidemic in 2030 when compared to 2000

Middle East: The rate of diabetes in parts of the Arabian Peninsula is over twice the global average rate, and much higher than some other areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). And cases of type-2 diabetes outnumber cases of type-1 diabetes by a ratio of 10:1.

Asia Pacific: The Asia-Pacific Diabetes Care Devices Market has been estimated at USD 2.461 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 3.518 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 7.41% during the forecast period from 2015 to 2020.

Importance & Scope

Millions of people are suffering and also trying all kinds of diets, pills, and treatments to clear their mental fog, to boost energy and lose weight. Unfortunately, they will all fail unless they learn how to heal the underlying Diabetes issues.

Number of people suffering from Diabetes disorders & continues to rise each year. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), on an average 1 out of every 13 people more specifically 20 million to 750 million cases are diagnosed globally with Diabetes diseases each year. There are more than 250 million cases with Obesity globally. Around 60% of the populations effected with Diabetes disorder are uncaring of the situation. Male & Female population is 5-6 times more likely to develop a Diabetes disorder.

Many International Conferences meetings/ symposium and workshops have been organized on different topics related to the risk factors related to diabetes across the globe such as obesity conferences, weight loss conferences, Endocrine Conferences etc.

OMICS International Cordially invites all the Academic Scientists, Leading Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Pediatricians, Surgeons, General Physicians, Dieticians, Primary Health care specialists, Internists, Pharmaceutical Industrial Delegates, talented young scientists, and student communities across the globe to attend European Diabetes Conference, where all the aspects of Diabetes Disorders and Treatment will be discussed under single roof. Diabetes 2017 will be an excellent amalgamation of academia and industry as it involves every aspects of empirical and conceptual thinking in exploring new dimensions in this field.  It is open to all types of research methodologies both from academia and industry.

Diabetes 2017 is an international platform for presenting research about Diabetes significance, Disorders & Treatment, exchanging ideas about it and thus, contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in management of the disease for the benefit of the society.

Members Associated with Diabetes Research

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) serves as the professional for all the leading researchers and clinicians and also for the people in the field of Diabetes, and provides a rich resource for the public and patients with Diabetes disease and Obesity. 1700 members from 43 different countries, working together in the organization of Researchers , Clinicians, Surgeons,  and other Healthcare professionals, to advance the care and treatment of patients with Diabetes disease. Also to inspire, educate, apprise and train registered medical practitioners, dieticians, qualified nurses and other appropriately qualified paramedical personnel in the field of Diabetes various well-known societies/associations are working across the world to professionally avoid and combat the lethal disease.

Market Analysis on Diabetes

Diabetes industry guides to the 11 largest pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies producing diabetes related products or those involved with diabetes research. Diabetes is a major problem in the UK, and as such a large healthcare and treatment industry has built up around it .Diabetes care devices market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2015 to 2020, to reach USD 2.3 Billion by 2020 from USD 1.7 Billion in 2015. Factors such as increasing number of diabetic patients across BRIC countries, growing research on diabetes, and increasing international research collaborations are driving the growth of the this market. Rising obese population and lifestyle changes (driving the prevalence of diabetes among the urban population) are further contributing to the growth of this market. However, high cost of diabetes care devices, disparity in reimbursement, availability of alternative treatments, and lack of awareness are restraining the growth of this market.


With the amalgamation of peerless speakers of Diabetes 2016 Conference Series LLC is privileged to announce its “18th European Diabetes Congress” which will be held during July 17-18, 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. We cordially welcome all the eminent researchers, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming Diabetes congress to witness invaluable scientific discussions and contribute to the future innovations in the field of Diabetes.

Euro Diabetes 2017 conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Diabetes research which offers a unique opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. This year’s annual congress highlights the theme, “Diabetes Explosion: Developments and Changing Life of Diabetes World” which reflects the innovative progress in Diabetes disease research. The two days conference includes workshops, symposiums, special keynote sessions conducted by eminent and renowned speakers who excel in the field of Diabetes which include: Physiology & Anatomy of Diabetes, Clinical Research and Case Study : Diabetes, Diabetes prevention and management, Diabetes complication &  disorder in:- children, teens, adolescence, Emerging focus in Diabetes research, Diagnostic approaches of Diabetes, Diabetes & Obesity, Diabetes & Metabolism & action, Diabetes associated diseases, Diabetes medication and therapy, Diabetes market and Business analysis

 This National Euro Diabetes 2017 Conference invites all the Academic Scientists, Leading Endocrinologists, Surgeons, Primary Health care specialists, Pediatricians, Pharmaceutical Industrial Delegates, talented young scientists, and student communities across the globe where all the aspects of Diabetes Mechanism, Disorders, & Treatment will be discussed under single roof.