GIS Market Analysis and Reports | USA Conference Series

Market Analysis - GIS 2017

The  field  of  remote  sensing  and  GIS  has  become  exciting  and  enchanting  with  rapidly  expanding opportunities.  Geographical  information  system  (GIS)  is  designed  to  capture,  store  and  manage  all types of geographical data. Remote sensing is the accession of information about the object without any physical contact. There are wide range of applications in the field of GIS and remote  sensing. Remote  sensing  also  replaces  expensive  and  slow  data  collection  on  the  ground,  ensuring  in  the process that areas or objects are not disturbed.

GIS   and   Remote   Sensing   conference   will   place   a   platform   where   worldwide   researchers, academicians   and   scientists   from   the   Geographic   Information   System   and   Remote   Sensing community will aggregate to create a platform for robust exchange of information on technological advances, new   scientific   achievements   and   the   effectiveness   of   various regulatory   programs towards GIS and Remote  sensing.  It  provides  a  premier  technical  forum  for  reporting  and  learning about the latest research and development, as well as for launching new applications and technologies. It will promote science and technology of the relevant fields of GIS and Remote Sensing.

Members Associated with GIS and Remote Sensing Research:

For the field of GIS and Remote Sensing people are working along with many universities, individual Institutions, associations and societies. Around 450 members in San Antonio, 6000 in USA, More than 8000 physicians, academicians and researchers


Societies & Associations Associated with GIS and Remote Sensing Research:

American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

Cartography and geographic information society (CAGIS)

Centre for advanced spatial technologies (CAST)

Centre for spatially integrated social science (CSISS)

Earth sciences & map library, university of California Berkeley library

ESRI conservation program

Federal geographic data committee (FGDC)

Geo community

Geodata alliance

National centre for geographic information and analysis (NCGIA)

National geospatial-intelligence agency (NGA)

Open geospatial consortium (OGC)

Society for conservation GIS (SCGIC)

GIS speciality group


Industries Associated with GIS and Remote Sensing Research:

3D Laser Mapping

Aarvee associates

Aero-Metric, inc.

AML Solutions Group

Angus Geosolutions Inc. (AGSI)

Avineon India Private Limited



Cinco GIS

Complete Spatial Solutions


Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)


Universities Associated with GIS and Remote Sensing Research in USA:

Acadia University

Alabama A&M University

American Sentinel University

Appalachian State University

Arizona State University

California State Polytechnic University

Central Connecticut State University

Central Washington University

Claremont Graduate University

Delta State University

East Carolina University

George Mason University

Humboldt State University

Indiana University at Pennsylvania

Louisiana Technical University

North Carolina State Universit

San Francisco State University

University of Akron


Target Audience:

Academicians, Research scientists, Students, young researchers, professors from different universities containing  GIS  and  Remote  Sensing  studies,  eminent  persons  from  different  associations  and societies, directors, CEO’s from different companies.

  • Academia      40%
  • Industry         30%
  • Associations  20%
  • Government   10%

Total business of GIS and Remote Sensing market Japan, South Korea, Canada, US, UK, Germany, India, Brazil for the globla geo-services market to be between $ 150 billion and $ 270 billion, chinese government is $ 31 billion.

Funding for GIS and Remote Sensing: