Nutri Food Summit Market Analysis and Reports | Italy Conference Series

Market Analysis - Nutri Food Summit 2020

Marketing Analysis

European food market is much diversified. Lately, more emphasis is being given to functional foods and RTS foods. There is tremendous scope in every section of food from food processing to distribution or from food chemistry to food packaging. The European food market for food had tripled since 1950.

European food market for food nutrition and technology has been in the forefront of European and international collaboration through various initiatives taken place in this field. This initiative, which has since been used as a model by some other disciplines, involves a cohort of graduate students from several countries studying modules in some five different European countries, and then doing a research project in a further country, while also developing different language skills. This provides great international networking opportunities, and has proved popular with the students.

Berlin itself serves as one of the main spots for Europe that is contributing in the field of Food Nutrition Technology. Food Science Universities/ Nutrition Institutes in Berlin in numbers are more than any other country in Europe.

Nutrition and Food Science 2020  plans to gather every one of the general population over the globe and base a stage for them to share their knowledge, research work and experience particularly to promote nutrition awareness leading to wealth and health.

Recommended Associations & Societies:

Europe: Federation of European Nutrition Societies | Society of Nutrition and Food Science | European Food Information Council | International Union of Nutritional Sciences | European Food Safety Authority | Centre for Biosciences and Agriculture International | European Federation of Food Science & Technology

USA: Canadian Food Inspection Agency | Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition | Economic and Food Safety Authority | Institute of Food Technologists | American Society for Nutrition | Under Secretary and Inspection Service | Food Safety and Inspection Service | United States Food and drug Administration

Asia: Parental and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia | Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society | International Union of Nutritional Sciences | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations | National Institute of Nutrition | Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies | Indian Council of Medical Research | World Health Organization | Food Safety and Standards Authority of India | State Food and Drug Administration

It is an incredible delight and a respect to stretch out our warm welcome to the "3rd International Conference on Nutrition, Food Science and Health Management " scheduled on December 01-02, 2020 in Rome, Italy with theme “let’s build healthiness rather than tracing diseases”. Nutrition and Food Science 2020 plans to assemble every one of the general population over the globe and base a stage for them to share their experience, learning and their research work, particularly to promote food value addition for wealth and health.

Nutrition and Food Science 2020   is planned to gather driving judgment aptitudes to a phase on nutrition research and its support. It is the remarkable manual for pass on comprehensive famous universities in the authority of support science and development, specialists, hypothetical researchers, sustenance investigators, scientist’s etc. This is where you will have an extraordinary involvement with the social event. This social affair gives the better strategies to improve nutrition and moreover you can improve your framework completely by interfacing with the distinctive pros related to the field of sustenance advancement over the world. The conference is comprised to offer comprehensive sessions that to discuss and address current issues in the field of nutrition and food technology.