Venereal Diseases Market Analysis and Reports | USA Conference Series

Market Analysis - Venereal Diseases 2017

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are called venereal Diseases (VDs) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). A range of strategies have been utilized for the identification of STDs that disagree based on the kind of illness. The objective of this report is to produce AN in-depth understanding of diagnostic tests of STDs. Rising incidences of fatal STDs, corresponding high-economic burden and resultant implementation of Provider-Initiated guidance and Testing (PICT) and Client-Initiated content and Testing (CICT) drive the growth of STD testing market. Asia-Pacific market is growing at a major rate attributable to the causative factors such as massive cohort of the target population (aged 15–44 years) and consequently high testing volumes. Moreover, increasing antibiotic resistance that raises the prevalence and incidence rates and consequently the testing volumes in these regions propel the expansion of STDs testing market. Also, countries like Republic of India and China have high proportion or incidence of HIV infections. Sexually transmitted disease could be a common incidence as a co-infection with HIV, augmenting the growth of STDs testing market.

The Asia-Pacific market for diagnostic testing of STDs is segmental on the basis of type of STDs into chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Human benign tumor Virus (HPV) and chancroid testing segments. Based on point of testing, market is segmental into laboratories and point-of-care (PoC). Currently, laboratories perform bulk of the tests and would continue to hold larger share of the market, both in terms of volume and revenue. PoCs will grow at a relentless rate during the forecast period. On the premise of testing devices, the market is chiefly segmental into laboratory devices and POC testing devices.

The Asia-Pacific STDs testing market is segmental into China, Japan, India, Australia and others. Emerging economies like Bharat, China, Singapore and Malaysia square measure the potential geographies for the market growth attributable to up health care standards. The prevalence and incidence rate for STDs are high in countries such as China and Asian nation attributable to high populations in these countries, driving the growth of STDs testing market. Key players in the STDs testing market square measure adopting strategies such as approval and acquisition, to make their presence in the market. The companies profiled in this market include Hologic Inc., Becton poet and Company, Cepheid INC., Affymetrix INC, Alere Inc., Abott Laboratories and few others.


• Extensive coverage of the Asia-Pacific sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) testing market including drivers, restraints and opportunities that would help professionals to better understand market behavior

•    Analyzing the present market trends, projections concerning the market potential for the period of 2014–2020 in terms useful area unit discussed

•    A comprehensive analysis of equipment types, applications, end users and geography segments allows the identification of growth opportunities at intervals the Asia-Pacific STDs testing market

•    Market attractiveness analysis for the Asia-Pacific STDs testing market provides strategic assistance to decision makers

• associate degree analysis of strategies utilized by key leaders within the Asia-Pacific STDs testing market would prove to be informative for professionals in the corporate sector

•    Porter’s five forces framework examines the competitive structure of Asia-Pacific STDs testing market and would be helpful for strategic industry analysis

• Ease of doing business analysis would help in making strategic business decisions


The Asia-Pacific sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) testing market is segmented into STDs’ type, location of testing, testing devices and geography segments.


•          Chlamydia testing

•          Syphilis testing

•          Gonorrhea testing

•          Herpes Simplex virus testing

•          Human papilloma virus testing

•          Human immunodeficiency virus testing

•          Chancroid testing


·         Laboratory testing

·         Commercial/private labs

·         Public health labs

·         Point-of-Care (PoC) testing


§  Laboratory devices: instruments and systems

§  Thermal cyclers – PCR

§  Lateral flow readers - immunochromatographic assays

§  Flow cytometers

§  Differential lightweight scattering machines

§  Absorbance micro plate reader - catalyst joined Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

§  POC testing devices: varied diagnostic kits

§  Phone chips (microfluidics + ICT)

§  Portable/bench top/rapid diagnostic kits

MARKET BY Geographic’s

·         China

·         Japan

·         India

·         Australia

·         Others