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Market Analysis - Traditional Medicine Congress 2018


India and Africa use 70 % and 90 % depend on traditional medicine to meet health care needs. China uses 40 % of the time traditional medicine to cure ailments.  WHO has observed an exponential growth in the use of traditional medicine worldwide in these few decades. In the US about 38% of the adults and 12% of the children are using some form of traditional medicine.

During the 2003’s, expenditure associated with “alternative” therapy in the United States was estimated to be US$13.7 billion. The growth of herbal medicine had doubled till the year 2005, growing faster than any other alternative therapy. The total amount of expenditure per year spend on traditional medicine by Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom is estimated to be US$80 million, US$1 billion, and US$2.3 billion, respectively

The commercial value of the ethnobotanicals market is huge. In the 2005, the total turnover of non-prescription-bound herbal medicines in pharmacies was equal to almost 30% of the total turnover of non-prescription-bound medicines in Germany, and in the United States, the annual retail sales of herbal products was estimated to be US$5.1 billion. The medicinal plants used by the Indian herbal industry consist of 960 species out of which 178 are produced in high volume. The annual value of herbal medicine manufactured in China had reached 17.6 billion Chinese yuan by the year of 2007. This logarithmic growth has continued, and annual revenues in Western Europe reached US$5 billion in 2008-2009. Sales of herbal products totalled US$14 billion in 2010 in China, and revenue from herbal medicines in Brazil was US$160 million in 2017



Both traditional & natural medicine has seen a rapid growth in the industry in the past few decades and the graph has stayed logarithmic and it intends to stay so. US has become the largest importer of Traditional medicine in the past few years which is now challenging the international import markets at Hong Kong. By the year of 2019, the absolute $ opportunity is supposed to be around $8800Bn with an increase by $140Bn between 2019 and 2028. The market of traditional medicine has been over $130Bn till date. The trend to use traditional and natural medicine has gained popularity in the western world as supplements or nutraceuticals with health claims which are already been approved by FDA. The reason they have gained popularity so much in the western world is because they have less regulatory rules compared to pharmaceuticals drugs. Other traditional medicine includes homeopathy medicine which has gained popularity due its effectiveness and low side effects.

Ayurvedic medicines have seen the most exponential growth in the field of traditional medicine. It is valued at more than $75Bn in 2019 and has an annual growth rate of 6.6%. The herbal medicine market is valued at $71.19Bn and expected to grow fetching profitable gains. Medicinal plants are also gaining popularity due to their comparatively lower costs to allopathy. It has also been used to treat SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome in China. Tannins, flavonoids possess anti-cancer properties. They are expected to gain popularity due to the increasing cases of cancer.

Medicine Congress | Conference | Traditional Medicine | Europe | USA | 2018

Medicine Congress 2018 Scientific Committee will be honored to invite you to the International congress on Traditional and Natural Medicines be held in the Lisbon, Portugal to during December 05, 2018. The conference proceedings will include seminars, symposiums and workshops on the latest treatment innovations in the field of Medicine and its advancements.
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