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Market Analysis - Midwifery Congress 2020

Global presence of midwifery research at Midwifery 2020 scheduled during April 08-09, 2020 at Sydney, Australia

TITLE:  9th World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health.

DATE & VENUE:  FEBRUARY 12-13, 2020, Sydney, Australia

THEME: Collaboration Era of Midwifery Ambassadors with Digital Nutrition : Redesigning the  trend of Quality Care into a smart culture


The market research analysts have predicted the global women’s health market to grow at a CAGR of more than 3% over the forecast period. With many countries improving the healthcare facilities, the market for women’s health will have a positive outlook in the coming years. Many countries have substantially increased their healthcare budgets as a part of their social security measure. For instance, the US government spend 17% of their GDP on the healthcare sector in 2014. With such increases in the budgets by various countries, the women’s health market is expected to show growth until the end of 2020.

In the research report, the analysts have estimated factors such as the growing awareness of birth control methods will spur the growth of this market in the forecast period. Contraception and fertility control are supported by the governments of developing nations such as India and China to curb the growing population. However, in western countries, women have stopped using contraceptive pill due to their side effects and are increasingly using IUDs and implants. Therefore, the increasing awareness about alternative growth methods will aid in the growth of this market until the end of 2020.

Nursing and midwifery Manpower analysis of England

In the year to July 2018, the number of nurses and health visitors has scarcely changed – increasing by less than 0.5% to 282,661 FTE. There are now more than 41,000 qualified nursing and midwifery posts reported vacant in the NHS in England – more than 1 in 10.15 However, the overall picture of stagnation in the numbers masks some wide differences between areas of nursing (Figure 1). For example, while the FTE number of nurses and health visitors in children’s health grew by 2.2%, and in mental health grew by 0.5%, in community services it fell by 1.2%. This fall was driven by a decrease in the number of health visitors negating a small rise in the number of other nurses working in community services.

Over the year to July 2018, the number of midwives has increased by 0.9% (201 FTE), a higher rate of growth than in the previous year, with a total of 21,482 FTE midwives in employment at the end of June 2018.

Figure 2: NHS health and community health service workforce by nationality

Overall, about 5.5% (59,197 FTE) of the NHS workforce in England are nationals of other countries of the European Union (EU27) and the European Economic Area (EEA).The largest proportion, 20% (11,984 FTE), are from Ireland. Among nurses and health visitors (6.9%) and doctors (9.6%), EU27 nationals make up a more substantial share.

The most recent data show that, in 2017/18, the number of NHS staff coming from EU27 states has fallen, while the number of staff from EU27 states leaving the NHS has risen (Figure 8). As a result, the net inflow has reduced from just under 3,000 to about 900. However, among nurses and health visitors, the latest figures show a net outflow of 1,687 in 2017/18, compared with a net inflow of 635 in the previous year.


Figure 3: Flows of EU27 staff into and out of the NHS in England, HCHS, 2016/17 and 2017/18

Figure 4: Change in patient care staff (full-time equivalent) in the NHS in England from EU27 states, HCHS, June 2016 to June 2018

Figure 5 : Stability rates of NHS trusts in England 2010/11 to 2017/18

Midwives & Doulas Industry in the US - Market Research Report :US Midwifery Industry Trend

The Midwives and Doulas industry comprises non physician healthcare providers that aid the delivery of babies and care of the mother. Industry operators offer care to childbearing women during their pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. They may also help care for the newborn through six weeks of age, including assisting the mother with breastfeeding. Industry revenue has grown over the five years to 2019, rising at an annualized rate of 0.7% to $3.3 billion. In 2019 alone, industry revenue is projected to grow 2.8%. Similarly, industry profit margins have increased slightly over the past five years.

April 2019 Labor away: Expanding healthcare coverage will raise demand for industry services

-Total Revenue in 2019- $3bn

-Number of Businesses - 17,246

-Annual Growth 2014-2019 - 0.7%

-Industry Employment - 22,058

Industry SWOT Analysis

The industry is exposed to the following threats and opportunities:

  • The largest source of external competition for the Midwives and Doulas industry comes from gynecologists and obstetricians. Births led by obstetricians as opposed to midwives draws revenue away from this industry. Traditionally, in the United States, most births are led by an obstetrician and not a midwife. In midwife-led births, however, an obstetrician only steps in when a midwife determines that it is medically necessary for the mother or baby. In 2019, demand for gynecologists and obstetricians is anticipated to increase, presenting a potential threat to industry operators.

  • The number of births represents the number of registered annual births in the United States. Demand for health care providers that guide women through childbirth, including non-physician midwives and doulas, is ultimately dependent on the number of babies being born. An increase in births raises demand for midwives and doulas. In 2019, the number of births is anticipated to increase, presenting a potential opportunity for the industry.


Midwifery Congress 2020 provides the perfect platform for all the participants which is an interactive and engaging 2-day event: unique in format, content, networking, and engagement. The main theme of Midwifery Congress 2018 is Collaboration Era of Midwifery Ambassadors with Digital Nutrition : Redesigning the  trend of Quality Care into a smart culture..". It is to address Midwifery and Women’s Health-related scientific communities to leap into this beautiful revolution of digital Ambassador  into every aspect of Midwifery and Women’s Health sector and reveal the quality digital technologies to firm up and elevate women’s health before, during and after pregnancy. The aim is to explore smart management strategies planning ,implementation and its technical execution in an dynamically analytical  manner , so that the midwives can facilitate themselves into a digital platform and can become role model globally with modernized concept of paediatrics IT and digital psychological counselling in hypnobirthing ,thereby giving pregnant women to experience an adventurous journey of birthing. Digital Midwives can play a crucial role in providing IT paediatric counselling  & educating the women, how to put up her health and baby’s health. Also, the vigorous market statistics will provide a broad approach for the attendees to explore the ideas and issues related to Health care and vide the future of midwives as delegated Digital Ambassadors. Broadly eminence speakers, the most recent frameworks, methodologies, and the most current updates are indicators of Midwifery congress 2020.


The maternity specialist works in association with ladies, all alone expert duty, to give ladies the vital help, care, and exhortation amid pregnancy, work and the baby blues period up to a month and a half, to encourage births and to give care to the infant.

The birthing assistant comprehends, advances and encourages the physiological procedures of pregnancy and labor, recognizes confusions that may emerge in mother and infant, gets to proper medicinal help, and executes crisis measures as fundamental. At the point when ladies require referral, maternity specialists give birthing assistance mind in a joint effort with other wellbeing experts.

Birthing specialists have a vital part in wellbeing and health advancement and training for the lady, her family and the group. Maternity care rehearse includes illuminating and setting up the lady and her family for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenthood and incorporates certain parts of ladies' wellbeing, family arranging, and newborn child prosperity.

The birthing specialist may rehearse in any setting, including the home, the group, healing centers, or in some other maternity benefit. In all settings, the maternity specialist stays capable and responsible for the care she gives.


Midwifery congress 2020 on  12-13, 2019, Sydney, Australia will be a big conference dedicated to Digital Midwifery concept. This provides premier technical forum for learning and reporting about latest research and development, along with discussions on new applications and technologies. This event includes presentations all over the world and professional networking with different industries and well leading working groups and panels.

This global event will provide an excellent opportunity for Doctors, Health care experts, Hospital Administrators,Epidemiologists, Nutritionists, Physicians, Nurse practitioners, Health care analysts, Doctors, Business delegates, Young Researchers encouraging the pro-found administration of medicaments and explore case reports with the results to justify cure and healing for various ailments.

2020 international year of nursing and midwifery Noting that 2020 was the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the founders of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, the WHO Board recommended to the Health Assembly to designate 2020 as the Year of Nursing and Midwifery.Thus it makes this conference so important if you want to contribute a sustainable add on to boost up the detailed approaches of Midwifery concept.Midwifery Congress 2020 is looking forward to seeing all in Sydney, Australia

Target Audience:

Midwifery Congress 2020 is intended for:


Hospital Administrators




Nurse Practitioner


Community Health Workers

Midwife Nurse Educator

Nurse Researcher

Scientist and Professor

Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)

Registered Nurse (Community Health)

Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)

Mothercraft Nurse


Business Entrepreneurs

Training Institutes

Data Management Companies

Software Developing Companies

Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies


Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada

American Nurse Association

Nursing and Midwifery Council

New Zealand Nurses Organisation

Nursing &Midwifery Council United

Royal College of Midwives



Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

Nsw Nurses & Midwives Association

Acu Midwifery Society


Afghan Midwives Association

Bangladesh Midwifery Society

Cambodian Midwives Association

Zhejiang Midwives’ Association (an affiliate of the Zhejiang nurses’ association)

Associaҫão Das Parteiras De Timor-Leste

Hong Kong Midwives Association

Society of Midwives of India

Ikatan Bidan Indonesia | Indonesian Midwives Association

Japanese Midwives Association

Japan Academy of Midwifery

Japanese Nursing Association, Midwives' Division

Korean Midwives Association

Sarawak Midwives Association

Mongolian Midwives Association

New Zealand College of Midwives

Midwifery Association of Pakistan

Sri Lanka Nurse Midwives Association

Taiwan Midwives Association

Vietnamese Association of Midwives

Singapore Nurses Association

Singapore Women’s Association

Singapore lifesaving Society

Singapore Psychological Society

Counselling and Care Centre

Children’s Aid Society

Association for Early Childhood Educator

Home Nursing Foundation

Help Family Service Centre

Moral Family Service Centre

Ntuc Child Care Co-Operative

Nulife Care & Counselling Services


National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (us)

Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (awhonn) (us)

American Health Care Association

Australian Nursing Federation

Academy of Neonatal Nursing (us)

European Midwives Association

Danish Association of Midwives

Estonian Midwives Association

Federation of Finnish Midwives

Midwives Association of Georgia

Icelandic Midwives' Association

Norwegian Nurses Association

Swedish Association of Midwives

Austrian Midwives Association

Association of Radical Midwives

Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

Polish Midwives Association

Czech Confederation of Midwives

Société Française De Maïeutique

German Midwives Association

The Society of Midwives of South Africa

Ethiopian Midwives Association

Uganda Private Midwives Association

Association Nationale Des Sages Femmes De Madagascar