Neurologists Market Analysis and Reports | Germany Conference Series

Market Analysis - Neurologists 2019

Neurologists 2019 will be focus destination for the International Neurology Research Societies, Associations, and Organizations. This event will bring together Neurologists, Directors, Neurosurgeons, Head of the department, Psychiatrists, Professors, Students from academia and researchers in the field of Neurosciences, Government officials and global leaders to push forward the Neurology department.

Scope of Neurology:

The scope of neurology is increasing as the number of patients increasing and offers multiple career option. The demand of neurologist is becoming large as the hospitals and health care centres are increasing. It holds a position in the various medical centers of the world which varies from complete nonexistence to high and composite development. Invasion of the field of neurology by different types of clinicians, the rapid development of psychiatry, the late appearance of neurosurgery and the important recent advances in neurophysiology and neuro-anatomy, all help to account for this variability and demand a reconsideration of the scope of neurology.

Market Research in Neurology:

According to WHO 2013, globally the disorder is prevalent in about 7 persons per 1,000 of the adult population ages 15–35 years. With reference to recent WHO report it is estimated that in 2022, the US will have the maximum number of diagnosed predominant cases of schizophrenia with 1,777,333 cases, followed by Japan with 454,961 diagnosed predominant cases, and Italy with 154,331 diagnosed predominant cases. In America currently, around 5.4 million are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The American Alzheimer’s Association projects that the number will triple to 16 million by the year 2050.

As per WHO, 26 African countries in sub-Saharan Africa are known as Meningitis belt and transmit maximum epidemic risk. Globally, the disease has triggered an assessed 700,000 cases and 70,000 deaths over the past 10 years. According to Alzheimer's Association with the costs of dementia and stroke alone projected to total more than $600 billion by 2030. Every year $1.8 billion is funded for cancer research. According to a global study conducted by the World Health Organization, 8 out of 10 disorders in the 3 highest disability classes are neurologic problems.

The market analysis of neurology represents the largest and untouched market in the medical sector. This estimated market analysis is based on the probability of approval and sales of products in late stage development, demographic trends, and marketing of the product. Emerging markets once again helps to boost revenues. CNS therapeutics and diagnostics comprise approximately 15% of total pharmaceutical sales which is nearly $30 billion across the world.

Estimated annual economic costs of anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia are $47 billion, $44 billion, and $33 billion per year respectively. The goal of this Neurological meet is to understand the market Value & Growth of Neurology and Neuroscience, Neurological Drug, Current economics cost of clinical research and development.

According to latest market analysis, it is forecast that Global Neurology Endoscopy Devices Market is projected to show growth of at 7.20% CAGR during the period 2017-2021.

Neurological disorders can be classified according to the primary location affected. The primary type of dysfunction associated, the broadest division is between central nervous system disorders and peripheral nervous systems disorders. There are more number of population that are affected with different neurological disorders.

Major Associations around the Globe:

  • Neuropathy Association
  • The brain & behavior research foundation
  • Alzheimer's Association
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • European Neurological Societies
  • World Federation of Neurology
  • Spanish Society of Neurology
  • Major Neurological Associations in Italy
  • Hilarescere Foundation in Italy
  • Italian MS society in Italy   
  • Southern Clinical Neurological Society
  • ESNR European Society of Neuroradiology
  • Vision sciences society

Around 500 top universities globally working in the field of Neuroscience

  • University California – Davis
  • University Sheffield
  • University Manchester
  • University of Nottingham
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Toronto – Canada
  • Dalhousie University
  • Leiden University- Neither land
  • Temple University USA
  • University Oklahoma
  • Boston Coll USA
  • Florida International University 

Hospitals Associated with Neuroscience Research

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • World Brain Center Hospital
  • Duke University Hospital
  • Edward Hospital
  • Munson Medical Center