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Market Analysis - Neurologists 2017

Neurology is the study of injuries, disorders, diagnosis and treatment of the brain, spine and nervous system including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissues. There More than 600 known neurological disorders  are there which affects our nervous system severely but still for most of the diseases treatment options are very limited and research is going on. According to a global study conducted by WHO 8 out of 10 disorders are neurological problems in which 3 are highest disability classes. Every year 6.8 million people are dying all over the world due to neurological disorders or injury. In Europe nearly 38% of total population is suffering from a brain disorder and in United States Stroke is the third leading cause of death.

Every medical specialty plays a role in overall human health, but some have a more dramatic impact than others. For example, neurological surgeons treat conditions of the brain and nervous system that can have subtle and far-reaching effects. These might include problems of behavior and perception in some patients, and mobility issues or debilitating pain in others. Correcting these conditions surgically often has an immediate and dramatic impact on the patient's quality of life.

It includes the treatment of strokes and brain tumors, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, chronic back pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Neurological conditions can cause patients to lose their eyesight, hearing or balance, or impair their dexterity and use of their limbs. Aside from treating such fundamental conditions, neurological surgery is also an important discipline because of its position on the leading edge of modern surgery.

Cutting Edge

Neurological surgery is a specialty with a strong scientific and research component. As researchers learn more about the brain's function through magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans and other advances, neurosurgeons respond by developing new techniques to treat its disorders. Since the late 20th century minimally invasive surgeries using miniature instruments have become commonplace, and neurosurgeons use radical approaches such as skull-base surgeries to reach and remove previously inoperable tumors. When a neurosurgeon successfully uses a new and experimental technique to correct a patient's condition, word of the technique -- with its potential risks and benefits -- quickly spreads throughout the neurosurgery community.


Orthopedic surgeons often perform procedures on the spine to treat congenital deformities, traumatic injuries, cancers or other conditions. If the procedure involves the central nervous system, or if there's potential for nerve damage, a neurosurgeon might collaborate with the orthopedic surgeon during the planning stages or the procedure itself. Vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists might also rely on the assistance of neurosurgeons when performing procedures with neurological implications. The neurosurgeon's specialized expertise can often help other physicians minimize or avoid nerve damage during their procedures.



Advanced neurosurgery mainly targets glioblastomas, brain tumors known for their aggressive growth and the difficulty of treating them. Drugs can slow the tumors’ growth, and to help these drugs pack their toxic punch against the tumor and not elsewhere.Some  dissolving polymer wafers have been developed that can be implanted at the tumor site. Researchers have been conducting animal studies to determine which drugs work best with these wafers. While some are also looking at implantable microchips that can be programmed to release multiple drugs at different rates, times and sequences to avoid drug interactions. “There’s a constant push here to get just the right combination and timing of drugs to wipe out the tumor with minimal harm to the patient” .Some are investigating molecules that seem to block the chemical signals that a tumor secretes to steer away immune cells. Researchers are also  working with antibodies that allow the immune cells to ignore the suppressive signals and come charging in to kill the tumor cells.



NREF:Neuro Surgery and Education Foundation

EANS:The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

SBNS:The Society of British Neurological Surgeons

AANS:American Association of Neuro Surgeons

BNTA:British Neurosurgical Trainees Association

BNTRC:British Neurosurgical Trainee Research Collaborative


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