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Market Analysis - Oceanography Congress 2017

Importance & Scope of Oceanography:

Oceanography covers both the deep oceans and the much shallower coastal regions. The breadth of knowledge in oceanography means oceanographers tend to be rather specialized around one specific subject. Many different sorts of tools and instruments are used in oceanography. While ships are certainly a part of this, other methods, such as stationary underwater observatories, are also used to study the ocean. Modern oceanographers also use automated underwater vehicles and sophisticated scanning devices to uncover information more quickly than direct human effort could accomplish.

The Conference will provide an overview on the latest trends and achievements in ocean sciences and technologies applied to oceanography and will explore future needs, developments as well as management and governance. The target audience is intended primarily for oceanographers, researchers, engineers, academics, conservation organizations, industry leaders, policy and decision makers that have coastal and marine related responsibilities.

Why it’s in Seoul, South Korea:

As a leading NODC in Korea operated by the National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, the Korea Oceanography Data Centre aims to collect and manage oceanographic information and distribute it both at home and abroad. This coordinates international cooperation with oceanographic agencies in the world. The Korean government announced the establishment of the Korea Oceanography Data Centre (KODC) to the IOC in 1974, and KODC was listed as a representative Korean NODC in the "Guide for Establishing a National Oceanographic Data Centre" published by UNESCO in 1975. In addition, KODC notified the IOC and the

We compare the levels of economic activity for marine industry sub-sectors, for which reliable data on economic activity is collected annually.


Fig 1: Industry Growth Associated with Marine Research


Over the last decade (since 2005-07), the marine industry value has nearly doubled, an increase

Of 98 per cent.

Conference Highlights:

·         Oceanology

·         Physical Oceanography

·         Biological Oceanography

·         Ocean Biogeochemistry

·         Fisheries Oceanography

·         Marine Geology and GIS application

·         Marine Pollution

·         Oceans and Climate Change

·         Coastal Oceanography

·         Marine Engineering and Technology

·         Marine Data Management

Why to attend???

With members from around the world focused on learning about marine science, this is your single best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the industries, Universities, community, etc., Conduct demonstrations, distribute information, meet with current and potential researchers and receive name recognition at this 3-day event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in marine research field are hallmarks of this conference.

Societies Associated with Marine Research:

1.      Oceanography society UK

2.      Korean society of oceanography

3.      Chinese society of oceanography

4.      American society of oceanography

5.      Ocean Society of India

6.      Living Oceans Society

7.      The Oceanographic Society

8.      Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

9.      japan oceanographic society

10.  oceanographic museum Monaco


Fig 2: Societies Associated with Marine Research

Major Oceanography/ Marine universities in Seoul South Korea

1.      Korea University


3.      Inha university

4.      Korea Maritime and Ocean University

5.      Busan University of Foreign Studies

6.      Pohang University of Science and Technology

7.      Jeju National University

8.      cheju halla university

Fig 3: Universities Associated with Marine Research


Companies located:

1.      Interactive Oceanographics

2.      TEG Oceanographic Services

3.      AML Oceanographic Ltd

4.      Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR)

5.      KC-Denmark A/S

6.      marine technology igp

7.      General Oceanics Inc.

8.      Valeport Ltd

9.      LinkOcean Technologies Ltd.

10.  Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

11.  Phame Enterprises

12.  Aqua Vision BV

13.  RBR Ltd.

14.  Oceantech Co.

15.  Ocean Innovations

16.  Nortek B.V

17.  A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd.


Market growth of South Korea:

Projected turnover for the next five years:

The smaller companies expect to maintain or increase their turnover in next five years and the larger companies generally expect increases to their turnover. The data has been significantly impacted by a major increase in oil and gas related activities.

Description: http://oceanographyconference.com/upload-images/oceanography2016-12593.png

Fig 5: Marnie Market value

Global Market Value:


Description: http://oceanographyconference.com/upload-images/oceanography2016-97588.jpg

Fig 6: Global Market Value

Global markets consist of three major regions; Europe and North America are similar in size forming 25% and 26% of the market. Asia forms the largest region at an estimated 34%, with much of this shipbuilding and shipping activity centered in S.E. Asia. The marine Industries' growth over next five years could total $51 billion, the largest being in the sectors of:

• Marine transportation

• The ports Industries

• The leisure Industries Including leisure boating and the cruise business

• Offshore oil & gas industry

• Marine services in its many aspects

• Submarine cables

• Minerals (specifically offshore diamonds)

• Marine biotechnology

• Underwater vehicles

• Marine IT (but from a small base)

• Renewable energy (from an even smaller base)


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