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Market Analysis - Psychiatric Congress 2020

Market Analysis


Global Market Analysis of Psychiatry and Mental Health

Psychiatry and Mental Health Congress 2020 will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders working on Psychiatry and Mental Health to talk about their work. It will congregate renowned speakers, principal investigators, experts, neurologists and psychiatric researchers from both academia and health care industry will join to discuss their views and research. The conference will be comprised of sessions by world class experts in the field of psychiatry, nursing, psychology, Mental Health. In Psychiatry and Mental Health Congress 2020, international symposiums, B2B meetings, international workshops will also be organized to discuss the specific topics in the field of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

We invite the participants from all over the world for the "Global Psychiatry and Mental Health Conference” which is going to be held on Nov 02-03, 2020 at Rome Italy. Conference Series is a world's foremost event Organizer conducting Global conferences in Italy. We invite the senior level experts with a perfect blend for multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists, innovators academicians from all over the world. 

Global Congress on Psychiatry and Mental Health is an annual meeting of renowned Psychiatrists as well as Mental Health committees. This conference is primarily focused to discuss the future of the Psychiatry, Mental Health, advancements, therapy and issues we are facing in the field of Psychiatry with mutual collaborations and organizational development.

Conference HighlightsPsychological Medicine & Psychological State NursingMental Health and well-being | GLOBAL PSYCHIATRY AND MENTAL HEALTH CONGRESS 2020 Mental Health | Mental Disorders | Women’s mental Health | Mental Health & Rehabilitation | Mental health Education and Training | Addiction and Mental Health | Adult and Geriatric Medical specialty | Stress, Anxiety and Depression | Mental Health Awareness | Psychiatry and Science Practices | Mindfulness Yoga & Medication | Psychopharmacology Role: Mental Health |  Schizophrenia