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Market Analysis - Psychosomatic Medicine 2017

Conference Series LLC creates a venue to connect and to confer for all the neoteric minds yearning for au courant and cutting edge research and development in various fields. Our conferences bring together national and global leaders to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions to major challenges and provide new opportunities for businesses. PsychiatryPsychosomatic Medicine meetings 2017 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to London, UK.

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Importance and Scope

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts, the main healthcare sector in London is set to be boom as a healthcare spending as per capita will increase at an CAGR of 5.6% between the 2013 and 2017, while most of the developed countries will be experiencing relatively in lower growth rates.

Mental disorders will constitute of 12 % of the global burden of the disease. As by 2020, it is estimated to be that the burden of a mental disorder will have to be increased to 15 % of the Disability Adjusted Life Years, which is termed to be DALYs. Unfortunately, the burden of an mental disorders is mostly among the young adults which are representing the most productive segment of the society. The persons with mental disorders will face the stigmatization and also discrimination in the society. The Burden of a somatoform Disorders according to the projected figures in the year 2014 in London, in which most of the burden of major depressive disorders alone in among all disorders ranked to be 2nd with a percentage of a 6.8 % (DALYs) after an ischemic heart disease with a percentage of an 8.5 %. As according to the order of disability, the major affective disorders ranked to be 1st with a rate of 14.5 %, the alcohol abuse will be 3rd, schizophrenia at 5th (3.3 %) and bipolar affective disorders ranking at 7th (2.9 %) with a total disability of all the 25.5 % in the top ten ranking. According to the Mental Health Report which is published in 2013, in London all the labour force loss will attributable to the mental disorders for up to the 1 week v. greater week (20.9 % and 11.8 %) is more remarkably higher than the losses which is caused by the physical disorders (15.9 % and 7.5 %).

24th International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine is a unique forum to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field’s psychiatry, psychology, neurology, internal medicine, surgery, allergy, dermatology and psychoneuroimmunology.

The main objective of  PsychiatryPsychosomatic Medicine conference is to regenerate new specific ideas in Psychotic field and enhancing psychosomatic medicine in the treatment of Psychiatric disorders.  Psychosomatic Medicine meetings were all about to generate new ideas of treating psychosomatic disorders medically and psychologically in various aspects. It will provide a critical resource in integrated and collaborative care under health care reform.

Conferences, National symposiums and Workshops provide a dedicated forum for the advancement, execution and exchange of information about psychosomatic disorders and its allied areas of psychosomatic medicine.

Target Audience:

Directors, Vice-Presidents, Psychiatrist,  Neuropsychiatrists, Psychologist, Brand Manufacturers, Professors, Lecturers and Students from Academia in the study of psychosomatic medicine. 

Target Audience:

Industry        20%

Academia    70%

Others          10%


In London, like many other European countries mental healthcare is an integral part of the general healthcare with universal coverage funded by taxation. Total health expenditure accounted for 7.7% of GDP in 2003 (public health expenditure was 5.6% of GDP). The actual percentage expended in mental care is not known and estimates are unreliable, approximately 5% of total health expenditure can be attributed to mental health.

Projection: Growth by next 5-10 years.

Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020, the global anxiety disorders and depression treatment market was valued at USD 22.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach USD 18.2 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of (1.25%) from 2014 to 2020. From spinning off its animal health business leaves a margin of 24% increased profit.

Companies: Five pharmaceutical companies made a profit margin of 20% or more - Pfizer, Hoffmann-La Roche, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Eli Lilly.

And it's not just cancer drugs - between April and June this year, drug company Gilead clocked sales of $3.5bn for its latest Psychotic medicine .The profit of psychotic drugs in an academic course is $100,000.

Companies Associated with Psychosomatic medicine in Alicante and Spain are:

·         Menarini Barcelona, Spain

·         Oryzon genomics Barcelona,  Spain

·         Veeva Systems Barcelona,  Spain

·         Canvax Corboda ,  Spain

·         Noraybio, Derio Spain

·         Bayer Lafelguera,  Spain

·         Amneal Pharmaceutics

·         Eli lilly Alcobendas

Psychosomatic drug producing companies in the world are:

·         Novartis

·         Pfizer

·         Roche

·         Sanofil

·         Merck & co

·         Johnson &Johnson

·         GlaxoSmithKline

·         AstraZeneca

·         Gilead & co

·         Takeda