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Market Analysis - Pharma Research 2018

The Bioscience industry cluster includes not only research and development, but manufacturing in such fields as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, analytical laboratory instrumentation and testing, and environmental, biotechnology and life sciences. The Port of Baltimore has been a seminal and definitive component of the City’s economy for centuries, and will continue to play a key role in the City’s future.  Baltimore, Maryland is a national leader in the healthcare sector, making it a haven for pharmaceutical or healthcare research. However, Baltimore also is populated by a nationally representative demographic for any type of consumer research studies. The city has  a highly competitive hospital environment (over 30) and virtually every physician specialty is available. Two of the top medical teaching institutions in the country (Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland) are located in Baltimore. About 300,000 people are employed in healthcare in Baltimore. This includes 15,000 physicians, 4,000 dentists, 55,000 nurses and 5,000 pharmacists. With such a deep base of healthcare professionals, Baltimore is a leading hub for medical and healthcare research studies. 

Baltimore medical science professionals:

  • 15,000 Physicians
  • 55,000 Nurses
  • 4,000 Dentists
  • 5,000 Pharmacists

Pharma companies in Baltimore:

Areas of research in Baltimore: