SOCIAL SCIENCES Market Analysis and Reports | Spain Conference Series

Market Analysis - SOCIAL SCIENCES 2019

Market Analysis | Social Sciences 2019 | Barcelona, SPAIN

Theme: Transforming the Society for Sustainable Change


Sociology research frames the analytical framework for understanding the social contexts such as health, economic, political, cultural, disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects.  Spain’s market for sociology research continues to be raised from few years. In Spain, domestic and international audience interests were explored in a study comparing the publishing profiles of Polish sociologists in a Polish sociology citation index and in the Web of Science (WoS). Social Work Research in Spain aims to make a significant contribution to the generation of knowledge in social work, and to enhance research in the profession. Annual Statistics in Spain market for Sociology Research in 2017 was approximately $25.6 billion. In terms, market is expected to increase with research advancements in Sociology.

Importance & Scope:-

Social Sciences Researchers are in a higher ratio in employment than that of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) which is around 84.2% paid employment across globally with respect to all fields of sociology. The fields of Social Sciences have not only made the development towards different field in Sociology but also contributed towards the improvement of quality of Human lives to a great extent. The main aim of Social Sciences 2019 is to provide an opportunity for all the attendees, to have networking and to exchange new ideas to promote for the Sustainable Change among the society.


Social Sciences Congress provides all the necessary information, on sociological concepts of contemporary issues for a better Global Society. This congress paves one of the opportunity to accomplish the greatest accumulation of individuals from different universities, associations that will coordinate with the disperse information in the 2-day event.

Target Audience:

•      Sociologists

•      Medical Sociologists

•      Anthropologists

•      Public Health Professionals

•      Social Workers

•      Media Developers

•      Social Science- Welfare Researchers

•      Global Science Researchers

•      Healthcare Researchers

•      Psychologists

•      Forensic Analysts

•      Political Government & Administrators

•      Women & Society

•      Trade & Development (Architectural Department Administration)

•      Researchers and Students

•      Economists

•       Ngo’s

•      Spiritual Society

•      Health Clubs

•      Exhibitors and Sponsors

•      Business and Education


Sociological Associations across the World:

•      International Sociological Association (ISA)

•      American Sociological Association (ASA)

•      British Sociological Association (BSA)

•     European Society for Health and Medical Sociology (ESHMS)

•     Asia Pacific Sociological Association (APSA)

•     Japan Sociological Society (JSS)

•     Indian Sociological Society (ISS)

•     Brazilian Sociological Society (BSS)

•     The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)

•     Chinese Sociological Association (CSA)

•     South African Sociological Association

Sociological Association in Europe:

•      European Sociological Association (ESA)

•      European Union Sociological Association (EUSA)

•      European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)       

•      European Educational Research Association (EERA)         

•      European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC)

•      European Society for Rural Sociology (ESR)  

•      International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA)

•      Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI)

•      Association of Sociologists of the Republic of Macedonia

•      Polish Sociological Association (PTS)

•      Russian Sociological Society (ROS)

•      Bulgarian Sociological Association (BSA)

•      Association Francaise de Sociologie (AFS)


About Conference:-

With success of Social Sciences 2018, we are proud to announce “3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies” to be slated on June-24, 25, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain.

Social Sciences Organizing Committee members invite all the participants across the globe to take part in this annual conference, with the theme “Transforming the Society for Sustainable Change”. Congress melds with knowledge of new ideas in research with brief Keynotes, Speaker Talks, Poster presentations, Workshops and Young Research Forums. Social Sciences 2019 joins together, providing the chief Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary-World-class Researchers in Sociology, Medical and Public Health Professionals, Social Scientists, and also students to showcase and discuss for the recent advancements, concerns, practical difficulties experienced and the clarifications adopted in this field. The assembling of this congress involves in finding the generating challenges, to empathize and meet the wide range of Social Work to have a long lasting impact in achievements across the Globe.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region is known for its importance in art and architecture across the world to visit and experience the major top attractions in the city. Social Sciences Conference 2019 at Barcelona, will certainly give a wonderful experience to attendees to explore the beautiful city with gaining knowledge.

Why to attend?

With people from and around the world focused on getting answers concerning Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Sciences and its impacts with challenges faced, Social Sciences Congress 2019 paves a Great opportunity to accomplish the great accumulation of Individuals to conduct presentations, distribute information, meet the current and Potential scientists from different Universities, Associations, Societies etc. across the Globe and to make a recognition with most recent updates & Developments and also to review the Research information’s in the 2-day event. This Social Sciences Congress 2019 or Sociology meetings will help in the new frameworks to the organization, B2B uniting amidst Researchers and academicians.