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Market Analysis - Women Oncology 2020

Women Oncology 2020 is mainly based on the theme “Challenges in Early detection treatment and prevention possibilities” We warmly welcome all the participants of world’s leading Professionals, Scientists, Researchers, Scholars etc. Here is a global platform for young researchers (Ph.D. Students) to present their research through oral presentations through which they can develop a foundation for collaboration among young researchers.

Cancer is a disease, which involves the abnormal growth of cells that results in the formation of a tumor. However benign tumors are not cancers. The abnormal tumor cells have the tendency to spread to other local tissues and may also spread to different parts of body through blood and lymphatic system. Different types of cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal, breast cancer, and others are predominant among the populace. Treatment of cancer depends upon the stages of the disease progression. Chemotherapy is majorly used in the earlier stages whereas other therapy options such as targeted therapy, immunological therapy are used in late stage.

Cancer has a widespread prevalence worldwide, which has led to rise in demand for cancer drugs. The key factors that are responsible for the growth of the oncology/cancer drugs market are surge in cancer research, rise in geriatric population worldwide, and increase in number of collaborations between pharmaceutical companies. In addition, rise in healthcare expenditure worldwide is expected to boost the market expansion.

Moreover, high market growth potential in developing nations, rise in number of pipeline products, and upsurge in demand for personalized medicines are expected to create new opportunities for the market players during the forecast period. However, adverse effects associated with the use of cancer drugs and high costs related with cancer drug development are the major factors that impede the growth of the market.

The increasing adoption of radiotherapy equipment is expected to drive radiation oncology market growth through 2021. A key market trend expected to gain traction during the same forecast period is the increasing demand for proton therapy. Women’s Cancer is a specialty section of Frontiers in Oncology dedicated to advancing scientific and clinical knowledge of breast and gynecologic cancers. The Women’s Oncology is that focuses on those scientific and clinical advances that impact on the care and management of women with cancer, including both breast and gynecologic malignancies.