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Market Analysis - Crystallography 2018

3rd International Conference on Applied Crystallography 

(Theme: A Technique beyond the Technology)


X-Ray Crystallography is the investigation of crystal structures, when a X-beam shaft assaults them. The diffraction design is made by the X-beam diffraction procedure, produces wavelengths, which are in a similar request of extent and interatomic separations. As of now, X-beam crystallography has picked up prevalence for deciding protein structure and biological macromolecules.

The researchers can recreate the atomic crystalline structures; X-beam crystallography strategy is being utilized for a look into on protein structures and is being stretched out to inspecting catalysts, infections, protein-nucleic corrosive buildings, protein-ligand collaborations lately. The business employments of X-Ray Crystallography fuse examination of crystalline structures in DNA, bones, and teeth, beautifiers, electronic chips, jewels and artifacts, pharmaceutical medicine disclosure et cetera.

To advance research and disclosure in the field of X-Ray Crystallography, for commending the imperative part of this method UNESCO announced the year 2014 as an International Year of Crystallography. This announcement was made with the aim to advance X-beam Crystallography as a potential instrument for making new revelations, recognizing the significant pretended by this system in comprehension the prior regular and distraught made nuclear structures.

The worldwide protein crystallization and crystallography market to develop at an unfaltering CAGR of over 7% and 10% by 2020, separately. Factors, for example, the current increment in the interest for protein gems for auxiliary assurance, particularly for X-beam crystallography, and the increased requirement for high-determination data on the structure and nature of protein atoms, for applications like medication disclosure, protein research, and protein designing, will bring about the development of this market amid the anticipated period.

The augmented application of protein crystallography techniques in material sciences will be the key driver for the growth of this market. Protein crystallography techniques are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to aid in genetic engineering and drug discovery processes. Moreover, the ability of crystallography techniques to facilitate the study of the crystallization properties of cocoa butter, which is the most important ingredient in chocolate, is a significant factor that impels market growth during the estimated period.

Division by strategy utilized and examination of the protein crystallization and crystallography market

  • X-ray diffraction
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • Electron microscopy

In this market analysis, experts have evaluated the X-beam crystallography fragment to be the biggest market section amid the conjecture time frame. This segment currently accounts for a market share of more than 64% of the total market share and is envisaged to retain its dominating hold over the market by 2020 owing to the simplicity of the process and its low cost of operation, especially when compared to cryo-electron microscopy.

Geographical segmentation of the protein crystallization and crystallography market

  • Americas
  • APAC
  • EMEA

The Americas to be the highest revenue generating market segment during the predicted period. The presence of a vast number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, which focus on R&D activities and various drug discovery processes, in the North American region, is a significant factor that will result in this geography's impressive market value of more than USD 566 million by 2020.


The worldwide protein crystallization and crystallography market is focused and is basically ruled by vast merchants like Bruker and Formulatrix. The substantial suppliers in this market have a solid worldwide nearness, with help focuses spread over the globe. The competitive environment in this market is probably going to heighten attributable to the current increment in item augmentations, new item dispatches, and new utilization of items and also benefits.

Key vendors in this market are -

  • Bruker
  • Formulatrix
  • Hampton Research
  • Molecular Dimensions
  • Rigaku

Other prominent vendors in the market include Agilent, Anton Paar, Art Robbins Instruments, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Crelux, Danaher, Dynamic Devices, Emerald BioStructures, Fluidigm, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Helena Laboratories, Jena Bioscience, Life Technologies, Lonza Group, MiTeGen, Oxford Instruments, PerkinElmer, Qiagen, SERVA Electrophoresis, Sigma-Aldrich Tecan, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Present Market:

The major factor influencing the market growth of protein crystallization and crystallography market is the development of new technologies. The factor enables to develop a new area of advancements for this market and hence drives the growth of protein crystallization and crystallography market. In addition, increasing need for high-resolution information on protein structures will further drive the growth of crystallization and crystallography market. The other factor that stimulates the growth of crystallization and crystallography market includes increasing government grants and research and development activities in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries which demand the utilization of crystallization and crystallography techniques. Furthermore, the emergence of advanced technologies like X-ray-free electron lasers in protein crystallization and crystallography market increases the number of users and drives the market growth. However, lack of skilled and knowledgeable personnel to operate this technique will restrain the growth of this market. In addition, high cost and the time-consuming method further restrain the growth of protein crystallization and crystallography market. Moreover, protein crystallization method is limited to specific types of protein molecules that will also restrain the growth of protein crystallization and crystallography market.

Geographically, North America accounts for the largest market of protein crystallization and crystallography. Presence of a large number of pharmaceutical and biotechnologies companies coupled with increasing research and development activities in North America will help this region to hold a strong position in the market. Europe is considered as the second largest market for protein crystallization and crystallography. The growth in Europe is mainly attributed to positive initiatives from European government coupled with increasing acceptance of protein crystallization and crystallography among people. In addition, Asia-Pacific countries such as India and China are the emerging regions for the global protein crystallization and crystallography market due to increasing investment by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in this region.

The major players competing in protein crystallization and crystallography market are Hampton Research, Molecular Dimensions Ltd., PerkinElmer, Inc., GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Danaher Corporation, Bruker Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Hampton Research, Jena Bioscience, Rigaku Corporation, Formulatrix, Inc., MiTeGen LLC, Bruker Corporation and others.

Major Crystallography Associations around the Globe

  • International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)
  • British Crystallography Association (BCA)
  • American Crystallographic Association (ACA)
  • European Crystallographic Association (ECA)
  • French Crystallographic Association (FCA)
  • Asian Crystallographic Association (ACA)
  • Turkish National Crystallographic Association
  • Croatian Crystallographic Association
  • Czez and Slovak Crystallographic Association

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