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Market Analysis - Oil Gas Expo 2018

Conference Series Ltd welcomes you to attend the 9th International Conference and Expo on Oil and Gas during August 09-10, 2018. We cordially invite all the interested participants in sharing their knowledge, research and gaining the information in the arena of petroleum and its allied areas.

Oil Gas Expo 2018 provides a platform for researcher scholars, scientists and academic people to share and globalize their research work while the participants from industry/ business sectors can promote their products thus felicitating dissemination of knowledge. We anticipate more than 300 participants around the globe with thought provoking keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations. The attending delegates include Editorial Board Members of related journals. The scope of Oil Gas Expo 2018 is to bring the advancements in the field of petroleum, natural gas and its allied areas.

Importance & Scope

Oil and Gas attains greater global significance as the world economy has been developing with oil as its lifeblood for over a hundred years. The petroleum sector accounts for roughly 45% of GDP and 90% of export earnings, it’s over half if you include natural gas. Oil/gas powers 100% of all transportation, within a few significant figures of rounding error. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that modern civilization would collapse in a matter of months if oil stopped flowing. It is hard to imagine industrial operations or even private activities without oil and gas – anywhere in the world.

Why to attend???

Meet highly qualified and experienced Scientists from around the world researching on Petroleum and Natural Gas; this is the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from all over the world. Conduct demonstrations, distribute knowledge meet with highly qualified scientists, discuss new researches, and receive name recognition at this 2-day event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in Petroleum and Natural Gas are hallmarks of this conference. Be Part of it! This conference is focusing on all the major aspects in the field of Earth Sciences. It would be beneficial for all the students and research scholars who ever willing to form well contacts with corporate as well as research fields targeting to the respective field. Chance to form alliance with emerging or established companies/ Research institutes in the respective field.

About Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of the Kingdom of Spain and the largest municipality in both the Community of Madrid and Spain as a whole. Madrid is the third-largest city in the European Union (EU) after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest in the EU after those of London and Paris. The municipality itself covers an area of 604.3 km2. Madrid is home to a large number of public and private universities. Some of them are among the oldest in the world, and many of them are the most prestigious universities in Spain. The "National Distance Education University", in Spanish Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) has as its mission the public service of higher education through the modality of distance education. Facts and data about UNED: At more than 205,000 students (2015), UNED has the largest student population in Spain and is one of the largest universities in Europe. Since 1972, UNED has sought to translate into action the principle of equal opportunity in access to higher education through a methodology based on the principles of distance learning and focused on the needs of the student. UNED is the leader in the implementation of cutting edge technologies applied to learning, with the largest offer of virtual courses in Spain. The Complutense University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) is the second largest university in Spain after UNED Spanish Open University and one of the oldest universities in the world.

Targeted Audience

·               Oil and Gas Industries

·               Oil and Gas Associations

·               Petroleum Industries

·               Petroleum Chemistry and Petroleum Engineering Faculty

·               Oil and Gas Societies

·               Petrology Graduates

·               Petroleum Chemistry and Petroleum Engineering Students

·               Oil and Gas Research Scholars

·               Oil and Gas Scientists

·               Petroleum Analysts

·               Petroleum Companies

·               Chemical Engineering Faculty

·               Petroleum and Petrochemicals Marketers

Target Audience:

·               Academia 50%

·               Industry 40%

·               Others 10%


Conference Highlights:

·               Biofuels & Biodiesels

·               Business Development and Investment Opportunities

·               Downstream Operations & Developments

·               Enhanced Oil Recovery

·               Future Challenges for Oil Exploration and Consumption

·               Global Gas Recovery and Refining

·               Global Oil and Gas Reserves

·               Health, Safety & Risk in an Organizational Context

·               Impacts of Oil and Gas Industries

·               Midstream Processes: Technology and Innovation

·               Natural Gas Hydrates and their Science

·               Oil and Gas Industries

·               Oil, Gas Markets & strategies

·               Petroleum and Petrochemicals

·               Petroleum Science and Technology

·               Regulations and Ethics

·               Unconventional Gas and Oil Resources

·               Upstream Process & Advancements

Worldwide Oil and Gas Report 2017

An adjustment of oil costs over a lot of H117 has demonstrated essential to the wellbeing of the oil part, however broadened OPEC intercession and its effect on basics over H217 will be a key to a supportable recuperation. Hazard craving in investigation and US inland boring is returning, however significant venture FIDs stay scanty. The augmentation to the OPEC/non-OPEC oil generation sliced to Q118 has done little to return certainty to the market. We expect strong essential information, particularly through Q317, will offer value bolster.

World Oil Demand

World oil request in 2016 is required to develop by 1.44mb/d in accordance with the past answer to normal 95.12mb/d. Anticipated oil request development for 2017 was likewise unaltered at 1.27mb/d to normal 96.38mb/d. OECD utilization is seen developing by 0.23mb/d in 2017, in accordance with the past report, following balancing modifications in OECD Americas and Asia Pacific. The estimate for oil request development in China and India have additionally been left unaltered at 0.34mb/d and 0.12mb/d, individually.

World Economy

After more grounded than-foreseen development energy since the start of the year, the gauge for worldwide monetary development has been reexamined up to 3.4% out of 2017, after development of 3.1% of every 2016. The current development dynamic in the worldwide economy has been affirmed except for possibly impermanent dunks in the US and India. US development in 2017 stays at 2.2% and the Euro-zone at 1.7%, while Japan's development figure was modified up to 1.4%. The figures for China and India stay unaltered at 6.5% and 7.0%, separately, in 2017. Likewise, the figures for Russia and Brazil additionally stay in accordance with the past report at 1.2% and 0.5%, separately.

The oil and gas security and administration showcase measure is evaluated to develop from USD 26.34 Billion out of 2015 to USD 33.90 Billion by 2020, at an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2015 to 2020. North America is relied upon to have the biggest piece of the pie; be that as it may, Latin America will develop with the most noteworthy CAGR from 2015 to 2020.

As of by most recent E&P Spending Survey, oil and gas industry capital uses are relied upon to increment by as much as 7 percent in 2017. It's conceivable that we may see a spike in oil costs at some point in the following five to 10 years — if, due to the break of interest in significant ventures since 2014, the industry thinks that it’s hard to take care of expanding demand. An uptick in exchanging movement could in itself drive up oil costs fundamentally in the three-to five-year time period. Oil and gas organizations should guarantee that their plans of action are set up to oversee and advantage from this unpredictability.

Crude Petroleum Price Movements

The OPEC Reference Basket fell 4.2% in May to normal $49.20/b. Rough prospects costs tumbled as supply keep on being abundant with US yield proceeding with its upward pattern this year and regardless of OPEC and non-OPEC generation alterations. ICE Brent finished 4.5% lower at $51.40/b, while NYMEX WTI dropped 5% to $48.54/b. The Brent-WTI spread enlarged to $2.86/b, additionally supporting US sends out. Cash directors diminished wagers on higher oil costs in the two trades, trimming consolidated net length positions in prospects and alternatives to November 2016 levels.

Worldwide Petroleum Universities:

·               University of Aberdeen

·               Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College

·               Pennsylvania State University

·               Texas A & M University

·               Texas Tech University

·               University of Houston

·               University of Kansas

·               University of Texas at Austin

·               University of Southern California

·               Wayne State University

·               West Virginia University

·               University of Bath

·               University of Birmingham

·               University of Cambridge

·               Heriot-Watt University

·               Stanford University in California

·               Marietta College in Ohio

·               Imperial College London

·               University of Leeds

·               University of Manchester

·               Newcastle University

·               University of Surrey

·               University of Stavanger

·               Teesside University Engineering

·               University of Aberdeen-School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

·               University of Bradford Chemical Engineering

·               Clausthal University of Technology

·               Heriot-Watt University Petroleum Engineering

·               Imperial College London Earth Science and Engineering

·               London South Bank University-Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

·               Montan Universitaet Leoben

·               Politecnico de Torino Environmental Engineering

·               Technical University of Denmark

Petroleum Universities in Spain:

·               Universitat de Barcelona

·               University of Almería

·               University of Cádiz

·               University of Córdoba

·               University of Granada

·               University of Huelva

·               University of Jaén

·               University of Málaga

·               University of Seville

·               International University of Andalusia

·               Pablo de Olavide University

·               Loyola University Andalusia

·               University of Zaragoza

·               San Jorge University (in Spanish)

·               University of Oviedo

·               University of the Balearic Islands

·               University of the Basque Country

·               University of Deusto

·               Mondragon University

·               University of La Laguna

·               University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

·               European University of Canarias

·               University Fernando Pessoa-Canarias

·               University of Cantabria

·               European University of the Atlantic

·               University of Castile–La Mancha

·               University of Burgos

·               University of León

·               University of Salamanca

·               University of Valladolid

·               Catholic University of Ávila

·               IE University

Petroleum Universities in Madrid:

·               Menéndez Pelayo International University

·               Autonomous University of Madrid

·               Carlos III University of Madrid

·               Complutense University of Madrid

·               National University of Distance Education

·               Rey Juan Carlos University

·               Technical University of Madrid

·               University of Alcalá

·               Alfonso X University

·               Antonio de Nebrija University

·               Camilo José Cela University

·               CEU San Pablo University

·               European University of Madrid

·               Francisco de Vitoria University

·               Comillas Pontifical University

·               Saint Damasus Ecclesiastical University 

·               Universidad a Distancia de Madrid 

Oil Gas Societies in the World:

·               American Petroleum Institute (API)

·               American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA)

·               American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

·               BHR Group

·               International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)

·               International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC)

·               International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM)

·               National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

·               Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC)

·               Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

·               Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG)

·               NACE International (corrosion engineers)

·               Petroleum Society of Canada (PETSOC)

·               Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

·               Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

·               Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE)

·               Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)

·               Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

·               World Petroleum Council (WPC)

Worldwide Oil & Gas Associations:

·               European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA)

·               Belgische Petroleum Federatie (BPF)

·               European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA)

·               European Fuel Association

·               Union of European Petroleum Independents (UPEI)

·               Hungarian Petroleum Association

·               Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA)

·               Unione Petrolifera

·               Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry (IRO)

·               The Norwegian Petroleum Industry Association

·               Polish Organisation of Oil Industry and Trade (POPIHN)

·               Petroleum Club of Romania

·               Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos

·               Oil and Gas UK

·               United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)

·               World Petroleum Council (WPC)

·               Erdöl-Vereinigung