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Market Analysis - Preventive Oncology 2018

Market analysis

 The growing need to demonstrate value in health care, including in cancer care, combined with a projected workforce shortage of clinical oncologists and nurses by 2020, suggests that cancer prevention efforts will need to be specifically targeted toward improving health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010, with its focus on prevention through the elimination of co-payments and deductibles for preventive services, makes the need to demonstrate value in cancer prevention even greater than before. The pace of progress in cancer care is quickening. A bunch of inventive medications frequently joined with other new or existing pharmaceuticals are rising up out of the innovative work pipeline. Many are for tumor sorts related with low survival rates and where patients have constrained alternatives. The scene is moving quickly, conveying new intricacy to oncologists, payers and governments who all hope to give proper care to patients while guaranteeing the sustainability of social insurance frameworks. Prior analysis, longer treatment length and expanded adequacy of medication treatments are adding to rising levels of spending on drugs for malignancy mind.

Oncologists know that men are more prone to cancer than women, one in two men will develop some form of the disease in a lifetime, compared with one in three women. In the past, they theorized that men were more likely than women to encounter carcinogens through factors such as cigarette smoking and factory work. Yet the ratio of men with cancer to women with cancer remained largely unchanged across time, even as women began to smoke and enter the workforce in greater numbers.  Lung and bronchial cancer causes more deaths in the United States than any other type of cancer in both men and women. Although survival rates have increased over the years, thanks to improved treatments, the outlook is still bleak.

This report examines the worldwide cancer diagnostics advertise for the gauge time of 2015 to 2020. This market is relied upon to reach $13.1 Billion by 2020 from $7.1 Billion of every 2015, and is ready to develop at a CAGR of 12.9% amid the figure time frame. Some of the major players in the global cancer diagnostics system market include Agilent Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific,  Illumina, Becton, Dickinson and Company ,  GE Healthcare , QIAGEN , Abbott Laboratories, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare and C.R. Bard among others.

The global Cancer therapy market is estimated to grow at 17.6% CAGR to reach $52.2billion by 2021.


Importance & Scope

 Preventive Oncology 2018 will be the best stage for every one of the oncologists, haematologists, Pathologists, Radiologists, Academics, explore researchers, understudies who are working in this field to trade their insight identified with Cancer and treatment. This worldwide occasion is a push to comprehend the fundamental organic methodology which is revised to build adequacy, exactness, survivability, and nature of life. Experts will clarify how another era of treatment choices gives patients new trust in the battle against disease. Geographically, the worldwide disease treatment market is ordered into areas to be specific, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa .North America takes the biggest share of worldwide malignancy treatment advertise took after by Europe.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and in all regions of the world except sub-Saharan Africa. Historically, the USA had a much lower incidence of cancer than other countries; however, over the last 40 years, it has undergone a period of dramatic economic, social, and demographic change, resulting in increased life expectancy and prosperity.

Cancer, which is now the third leading cause of death in the USA (after cardiovascular disease and injury) causing 30% of all deaths in 2012 and 46% of all deaths in the France during the same year. The incidence of all cancers is projected to double by 2020, primarily due to ageing and also possibly due to increased exposure to risk factors for cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Paris females (and the most prevalent cancer in both sexes combined), lung cancer is the most common cancer amongst Paris males but is extremely rare in females, which reflects the prevalence of smoking (33.0% vs. 0.5%, respectively), and colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer.

    Approximately 12.7 million cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths are estimated to have occurred in 2008; of these, 56% of the cases and 64% of the deaths occurred in the economically developing world.

Hospitals  in USA and Atlanta

  • Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University

  • Emory University Hospital

  • Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

  • WellStar Atlanta Medical Center

  • Northside Hospital Atlanta

  • Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital

  • Anchor Hospital

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

  • Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania

  • UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • St Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York, NY

  • BaylorScott & White Hospital

  • Emory University Hospital Midtown

  • Lankenau Medical Center

  • Kettering Medical Center

  • JFK Medical Center

  • Mount Auburn Hospital

  • St. Mark's Hospital


List of Societies and Associations around the World

  • American Cancer Society

  • World Health Organization 

  • American Association for Cancer Research

  • American Society of Clinical Oncology

  • European Oncology nursing Society

  • Canadian Cancer Society

  • European Cancer Organization

  • European Association for Cancer Research

  • European Society of Surgical Oncology

  • National Children’s Cancer Society

  • International Gynaecologic Cancer Society

  • Testicular Cancer Society

  • American Childhood Cancer Organization

  • International Society of Pediatric Oncology

  • The Cancer Control Society

  • Society of gynaecologic Nurse Oncologists

  • American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)  

  • American Medical Association (AMA)  

  • American Nuclear Society (ANS)  

  • American Osteopathic College of Radiology (AOCR) 

  • American Radium Society (ARS)  


Medical Universities in world:

  • University of Toronto, Canada

  • Thomas Jefferson University

  • University of Chicago, Chicago

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison-

  • Washington University in St. Louis

  • University of Tokoyo, Japan

  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore 

  • Guangxi Medical University, Nanning, China

  • Indianapolis University “La Sapienza” of Rome, Rome, Italy 

  • University of Lyon, France

  • University Of Leeds 

  • University Of Queensland,Australia

  • University of Arizona Cancer Center

  • University of Utah

  • Georgetown University Medical Center

  •  University of Southampton

  • University of Pittsburgh

  •  McMaster University

  • University Of Florida

  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

  • Wayne State University School of Medicine

  • University of Alberta

  • University Of British Columbia 

  • University Of Leicester 

  •  University Of Chester

  • University of Kentucky

  • University of north Durham

  •  University Of Surrey

  •  University Of Edinburgh

  •  University of Glasgow

  •  University Of Bordeaux,France

  • Oregon Health and Science University

  • Knight Cancer Institute

  • Loyola University Chicago

  • University oF Louisville

  • University of Toledo

  • Rutgers University

  • University Of Calgary

  • University Of Witaterstrand

  • University Of Western Sydney, Australia

  • University of Melbourne

  • University Of South Australia

  • University Of New South Wales

  • Monash University, Australia

  • University of Milan, Italy

  • Kyoto University, Japan

  • The University of Auckland, NZ

  • University Of Zurich

  • National Taiwan University 

  • The University of Manchester, UK

  • Ichan School of medicine, Mount Sinai

  • Pondicherry University, India

  • University of phoenix

  • Griffith University

  • University Of Exeter

  • Crimea State Medical University,Ukriane

  • Heidelberg University

  • Hackensack University Medical Center

  • Kyoto University, Taiwan

  • Osaka University, Japan

  • Kursk State Medical University, Russia 


Market Report on Cancer Drugs

​ The market of Cancer Drugs and Therapeutics is conveyed to indicate steady improvement rate in the midst of the gage time span from 2012 – 2020. This improvement is driven by main issue, for instance, rising inescapability of various afflictions and expansive R&D hones are on-going over the globe to bring new and more fruitful medicines and definitions in the market. Oncology has been able to be one of the genuine focus areas for pharmaceutical and biotechnology associations in light of the high ignored necessity for improved solutions for various sorts of danger. The overall development grandstand in 2010 was regarded at $54bn, an extension of 5.1% over the prior year's offers of $51.3bn, and is resolved to create at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2010-16; accomplishing $81bn in 2016.GMR Data gage that the overall infection meds and pharmaceuticals market will reach $143.7bn by 2023.

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. When cancer begins, it produces no symptoms. Signs and symptoms appear as the mass grows. The majority of cancers, some 90–95% of cases, are due to environmental factors. The remaining 5–10% is due to inherited genetics. Environmental, as used by cancer researchers, means any cause that is not inherited genetically, such as lifestyle, economic and behavioural factors and not merely pollution. Common environmental factors that contribute to cancer death include tobacco (25–30%), diet and obesity (30–35%), infections (15–20%), radiation (both ionizing and non-ionizing, up to 10%), stress, lack of physical activity and environmental pollutants. Many treatment options for cancer exist. The primary ones include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and palliative care Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with one or more cytotoxic anti-neoplastic drugs. Radiation therapy involves the use of ionizing radiation in an attempt to either cure or improve symptoms. Surgery is the primary method of treatment for most isolated, solid cancers and may play a role in palliation and prolongation of survival. Palliative care refers to treatment that attempts to help the patient feel better and may be combined with an attempt to treat the cancer. A variety of therapies using immunotherapy, stimulating or helping the immune system to fight cancer. 

Market value for preventive oncology

The worldwide market for cancer treatments was worth $150.6 billion out of 2012 and this should increment to over $195.6 billion by 2020, a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 14.6%. Albeit huge enhancements in the determination and advancement of different mixes to treat growth have been made, malignancy remains a noteworthy medicinal services challenge around the world. In the 21st century, the repeat of development and the anguish regularly associated with it has through and through raised threat care. Radiation treatment, close by chemotherapy and surgery, is used to treat tumor. It is evaluated that radiation treatment is coordinated to half of all danger patients. The disclosure of X-bars and radioactivity provoke the change of radiation treatment techniques. The market for radiotherapy was evaluated at $5.8 billion of every 2014 and is anticipated to increase at a compound yearly advancement rate (CAGR) of 6.7% to $8 billion by 2019.External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) charges the greatest bestow of the radiation treatment market to a normal 84% or $4.9 billion in salary.




Preventive oncology is the study for preventing cancer to develop, rather counteract the advancement in progression of different malignancy.

Annual congress on Preventive oncology 2018 has taken an initiative to join the assorted research and business groups working in this field under one rooftop to explore each and every part of cancer diseases. Preventive Oncology 2018 welcomes Oncologists, Radiologists, Chemotherapists, Physicians, Academicians, Academic scientists, Industry professionals, Diagnostic laboratory professionals, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows and Trainees to be a part of this conference.

Preventive Oncology conferences are organized by Conference Series LLC Ltd, which is comprised of 3000+ Global Events with over 600+ Conferences, 1200+ Symposiums and 1200+Workshops on diverse Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Engineering, Science, Technology, Business and Management field is organizing conferences all over the globe. Preventive Oncology 2018 will provide an excellent opportunity for the budding scientists and young researchers through its special initiatives like Young Researcher Forum, Poster Presentation and E-poster and Live Streaming, and Scientific Meetings.


Why to attend

Preventive Oncology 2018 will give a fortifying scientific condition and a stage for the members to exchange thoughts, set up examines joint efforts by attending the Preventive Oncology meetings. New topics for 2018 include personalized medicines & combination therapies. Special focus on commercialization of cancer vaccines – to increase your speed to market It will be amazing opportunity for the attendees to explore the beautiful city with gaining knowledge. This is a prestigious chance to draw in with worldwide group of experts endeavoring to battle against these difficult to cure blood diseases.

Why Atlanta

With 5.7 million inhabitants in the metro and distant regions, the supposed capital of the South keeps on encountering explosive development on account of local transplants and global settlers alike. Atlanta has been named everything from the "capital of the new South" and "the following global city" to "the best place to do business". It's likewise an amazing place to visit. From world-class eateries and a wealth of social attractions to a hip nightlife and medical events, the city is cosmopolitan in each feeling of the word. In any case, Atlanta has additionally figured out how to keep up its historic character. Visit the Atlanta History Center or the Martin Luther King Jr. Authentic Site, a moving tribute to an American symbol. Regardless of whether you pick current urban exercises or old southern delights, Atlanta won't disappoint.


Targeted audience

·         Oncologists

·         Pathologists

·         Physicians

·         Immunologists

·         Research Scholars

·         R&D Project Leader

·         Chief Medical Officer

·         Director of Translational Research

·         Medical Colleges

·         Scientists and Professors

·           Business Entrepreneurs

·         Software Developing Companies

·         Public Health Professionals

·          Allied Health Professionals

·         Surgeons

·         Students

·         Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies

·         Student delegates from Academia and Research along with the industrial                 Professionals

·         Chief Scientific Officer